Sunday, April 30, 2006


It's Not About Immigrants,
It's About Illegal Immigrants

Tomorrow, Monday, May 1 illegal immigrants plan to stage marches and protests (over what?). It is a country's sovereign right to determine who enters and who doesn't. The United States is probably the only country in the world that doesn't at least attempt to adequately protect its borders. Mexico sure does. (Hat tip to A Blog for All and Russell Lindsey.

Legal immigrants have usually been a benefit to this country. Without legal immigrants you wouldn't have me. :-) The most recent immigrants in my family were my great grandparents who met on the boat on the way over from Germany. They came to America to be Americans, not to re-write the national anthem, not to insist on amnesty, not to insist Americans speak their language, not to insist that America owed them something. They just wanted an opportunity and were willing to make the sacrifice and take the necessary chances needed to legally attain that opportunity.

My personal doctor is an immigrant, a legal immigrant, as are his wife, also a doctor, and kids. The father of two of my daughter's best friends is an immigrant from India. I have a friend who is a legal immigrant from Mexico. Immigrants aren't the problem, illegal immigration is, uncontrolled crossing of our borders is, a President and Congress that won't take the necessary action is.

If you think countries should have open borders try immigrating to Australia, New Zealand or Mexico by just walking in and saying they owe it to you to allow you to take up residence. You will find yourself rudely awakened.

On Monday, May 1, email or otherwise contact your Senators and Representative. Tell them to control our borders and serve the best interests of the people they are elected to represent, the citizens of the United States of America.

Contact your Senators:

Contact your Representative:

Saturday, April 29, 2006


On Illegal Immigration Day Email Your Senators and Representatives

High gas prices, the war in Iraq, and the war on terrorism, etc. make up some of the most important issues of our day. But for the citizens of the U.S., illegal immigration ranks the highest.

Sure gas prices are high and it pisses us off that someone is making billions selling us a product we can't do without. In reality, fair or not, we can afford to pay a little more for our gas. In reality, part of the gas price crisis results from so many of us buying SUV's and other large, uneconomical vehicles. In reality, we, the public, and we, our government (especially Federal), have done next to nothing for the past 30 years to increase economic energy use and lessen dependency on foreign energy sources.

The war in Iraq and the war on terrorism continue to flounder. Hope lives for a positive outcome in Iraq but, clearly, the Bush administration, did not have its ducks in a row nor have the information it claimed to have had. The mission of establishing democracy in Iraq is spin. Who cares if they have democracy in Iraq and long as they are peaceful and practice basic human rights? We can't force democracy down the throats of the rest of the world. Plus, many cultures don't seem well suited for quick change to democracy.

Each year millions enter our country illegally thus making their first act in our country an illegal act, a crime. The business leaders and national politicians in our country have allowed this because it benefits them. The rich and powerful are able to and will continue to be able to live the insulated, protected, luxurious lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Some even the power to prevent electric generating windmills because it spoils the view from their house. The rest of us can live next to factories and power plants but the rich and powerful must have pristine views.

In allowing illegal immigration, the Federal government fails to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,"

Is it just to allow millions of immigrants to illegally enter our country while others wait for legal entry? Is it just for millions of illegal immigrants to take jobs and use private and public resources that should first be going to citizens?

How well is domestic tranquility being insured when our borders are not controlled nor protected? Is the general public being defended? Is allowing millions illegally into our country defending it? Are we promoting the general welfare of our country when we allow those from other countries to come and take what they can and either leave or stay and lessen the opportunities for our own citizens? Are we securing the blessings of liberty for our posterity? No, we're allowing the rich and powerful to give it to people whose presence in our country is a crime.

On Monday, apparently millions plan to demonstrate in support of what they believe is their right to enter our country illegally and take whatever they can. I will be working hard at my job and paying a significant amount of my income in taxes to the government that has failed my children and myself.

On Monday, I will also email my Congresswoman and Senators expressing my desire to have immigration limited to legal immigration, that our borders be controlled and that amnesty not be granted to illegal immigrants. If you do the same and spread the word we can make a much greater impact than the people walking in the streets not working.

Contact your Senators

Contact your U.S. Representative

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


World Citizen's Guide

The World citizen's Guide created by Business for Diplomatic Action gives 16 tips on how to be a good visitor to another country. I couldn't find the entire list of 16. The pdf file I found was not exactly as described in the newspaper article linked to above. But that is not my interest at the moment, the suggestions are well suited for all social settings, such as family gatherings, as well as international travels.

My favorites:
The last two are especially meaningful to me. Certain members of my family have tremendous difficulty conversing for more than 5 minutes without making political comments which often include lessons or a lecturing remark. In his blog, the husband of my sister who made the sexism remarks responded angrily when I used this quote Kahlil Gibran - "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." He then lectured me on lecturing him.

Oh, well. I was upset that he had referred to people with my beliefs as "Nazi fascists." This was early on in my discovery of blogging. I've since learned to not let such things bother me. But it's interesting to see what lurks in the mind of a nice guy. "Who knows what evil lurks?" - The Shadow

Oh, and that brings up another guideline: OK, then.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Just Knowing Who They Are Pisses Me Off

A couple of weeks ago I was listing to Rover's Morning Glory on the way into work. Sometime's I listen to Rover when Bob and Tom are on commercial break. Either Rover or one of his sidekicks mentioned that it pissed them off that they even knew who someone was (Britney Spears I think). Laughing, I had to agree.

Here are a few others that it pisses me off that I know who they are. Knowing who they are is a complete waste of whatever memory space they occupy in my mind.
Very close to pissing me off
Got any "pissed off I know they exist" people? Add to the list.

Friday, April 21, 2006


The Crisis of Global Warming

Occasionally, I wonder about the severity of the actual threat of global warming. Reading op-ed column by Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times (via Instapundit) made me wonder some more. I'm environmentally concerned but a long way from Al Gore.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching a Discovery Channel show on dinosaurs. The narrator mentioned that during the time being discussed the Earth was 20% warmer than now. The Earth obviously survived this episode of global warming. But we must admit that dramatically warmer temperatures would have a tremendous impact on human civilization. There were no ice caps during the warmest periods of the dinosaurs.

With a little research what I found was this at - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute:
These data suggest that globally averaged surface temperatures in the mid Cretaceous were more than 10°C higher than today.
This report includes a discussion of sea level, greenhouses, etc. Undoubtedly a 10° Centigrade higher is great. Many areas now heavily inhabited would be under water as well as climatic differences.

The Atmosphere, Climate & Environment Information Programme in the UK states:
Most significantly, global average surface temperature
has risen by between 0.4 and 0.8°C since about 1860. Other trends
in precipitation, tropospheric temperatures and ice volume have also
been observed. It is very likely that such climatic changes are the
result of man's interference with the climate, through increased
concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases.
Fact Sheet
For those of us who never paid attention in school, the Earth has been warming since the last Ice Age. With an increase in average temperature on less than 1° Centigrade over the last century and a half, calling for radical actions is histrionic.

Sure we need to study the man's potential impact on the climate and be prepared to possibly abandon the coastal areas sometime in the next few centuries not matter what we may or may not do. But the Earth has shown dramatic climatic swings in the past. There is no reason to think it won't in the future. Unless you're one of those who some how believes that the Universe stands still for modern man. In the mean time, watch for pieces of falling sky.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Mob of Teenagers Beat MGM Grand Worker

No "Privileged White Males" Involved

Surveillance camera records one of the scariest live video recordings I've seen. Group of approximately 10 teenagers beat an MGM Grand employee.
The surveillance video released by police Monday and aired widely on Las Vegas-area TV stations Tuesday showed the casino employee being punched, hit with a belt or chain, beaten and kicked by a mob of people in a driveway next to a hotel staff golf cart.

"The amount of suspects is unusual, and the amount of violence, where they are feeding off one another," said police Lt. Ted Snodgrass.

The victim, whose name and age were not released, was able to rise from the pavement after the mob left. But he suffered a broken jaw and a broken collarbone, police said. Hotel spokesman Gordon Absher said Tuesday the man was recuperating at home.
What is really unusual is that no "privileged white males" (or any white males at all it appears) were involved in the vicious attack.

Wonder how much coverage this will get from Nancy Grace, et al. I heard about it on the radio. A search on Yahoo News turned up only 27 results. (Search words: mgm employee beaten las vegas). "Duke lacrosse rape" turned up over 5,500 results on Yahoo News. The Duke story has been around longer but the attack in Las Vegas shows viciousness seldom seen.

Of course, the this story didn't get much press either, outside of DrHelen (above link) and Michelle Malkin. I guess it's only news when privilege white males are the alleged perpetrators, not the victims.


Conflict of Interest in Psychiatry

MSNBC reports
Every psychiatric expert involved in writing the standard diagnostic criteria for disorders such as depression and schizophrenia has had financial ties to drug companies that sell medications for those illnesses, a new analysis has found.

Of the 170 experts in all who contributed to the manual that defines disorders from personality problems to drug addiction, more than half had such ties, including 100 percent of the experts who served on work groups on mood disorders and psychotic disorders.
Maybe this is why so many psychiatrists are trying to convince us that we should "running for the shelter of a mother's little helper." Need to raise stock values? Write a few more prescriptions. This should be unethical if not illegal.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Dangerous Communities List

After reading and hearing so much regarding the Duke rape scandal and the villainous "privileged white males" who rape, murder, pillage and plunder throughout out our country with virtual impunity. I decided it is my civic duty to start a list of some of the most dangerous places in our country. Reading this article at prompted me to this actions. Some of the details:
Collin Finnerty of Long Island and Reade Seligmann of New Jersey both come from a world of golf courses and multimillion-dollar homes and were educated at exclusive all-boys Catholic prep schools.


Finnerty hails from Garden City, New York, and lived in a Dutch colonial house on a cul-de-sac. A lacrosse net and equipment were visible in the yard, which abuts a golf course. No one answered the door at the Finnerty home Tuesday morning.

Seligmann grew up in well-to-do Essex Fells, New Jersey, where multimillion-dollar homes also abound and the current mayor grew up with the lacrosse player's dad.


Essex Fells, with a population of just over 2,100, has a median household income of $148,000, according to the Census Bureau.

The Seligmanns' neighbors declined to speak with reporters and called police when the media stepped on their property.
Can you imagine the nerve of these privileged people to believe that they can prevent media from coming on to their property? I guess such conceit comes with privilege.

I have written before regarding Houston Baker's warnings regarding "privileged white males" and also blogger "Seldom Wrong, Never in Doubt's analysis (both are college professors). Considering the concerns of the national media and learned college professors, tonight I begin my list of dangerous places to strip and/or otherwise set foot in. My personal is somewhat limited so I implore you to mention any communities that need to be added to the list in the comments. Please!! It's for the good of us all. (All income figures via

Duke University (of course)

Brentwood, TN - maybe not so privileged by Jersey standards but maybe the wealthiest community in Tennessee. Median Household Income: $111,819, about 95% white.

Indian Hill, OH - With a median household income of $158,742, Indian Hill is privileged by almost any standards. I once watched a high school basketball game there and swam a couple of times at the residence of a professional sports team owner but I managed to escape unscathed. The population is approx. 94% white. Very scary. (Compare this to Beverly Hills, CA with a median household income of a meager $70,945 and only 85% white.)

In 2003, Somerset County, N.J. had the highest median household income ($89,289) of the 233 counties with populations of 250,000. I'm not sure where this is in relation to Essex Falls, N.J. but be careful! But it's only 79% white, definitely an improvement.

Fairfax County, VA topped this list in 2004. Beware! The privileged are every where, but only 69% white. Safe in spots.

Let's include Eagle-Vail, Colorado. Median household income $87,297 (fairly good) and 95% white. This isn't the ski resort. According to Wikipedia: Eagle-Vail a census-designated place located in Eagle County, Colorado along Interstate 70 and the Eagle River. Since it's along Interstate 70, you might want to speed up as you go by.

Please help me build this list for the safety of ourselves and our children. Remember that many cities have small enclaves privileged white people, many of whom are male. The more accurately we can identify these areas the safer we all will be. This may seem like racial profiling but it's for the good of us all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Duke Charges = Guilt??


Privileged White Males Most Hated Group in America??

The other day I wrote about the epidemic of stereotyping (bigotry) going on concerning the Duke Lacrosse team allegations. I focused on Houston Baker's comments among others.

A commenter at DrHelen recommended this blogger's analysis. (Ironically called "Seldom Wrong, Never in Doubt.")

What did I find? More stereotyping.
Regardless of whether there was a rape or not, we say that the real story is this: at elite and not-so-elite universities all over the country, certain sports teams, mostly the ones that involve men who collide a lot (football, rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse), are havens for violent, misogynist, drunken, loutish, boorish behavior. To put it mildly. Universities know this, and they tolerate it for the sake of athletic recruitment and retention.
Another indictment of athletes and athletic programs all over the country. This blogger claims to be a professor at a Christian university in Cincinnati. If so, surely he's heard of Anthony Munoz and the Anthony Munoz Foundation. A NFL Hall of Famer, Anthony created many collisions on the pro football field playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. Every community that enjoys an professional sports franchise also enjoys the benefits of the many charitable works the athletes and teams provide. Although, I grew up in Tennessee, I've always been a Bengals fan because the first player they ever drafted was Bob Johnson, All-American center from the University of Tennessee. I had met Bob when he came to speak to my FCA group in high school. Even in college he took time to help and inspire kids.

Here's a story about the family of twin brothers, neither charged in the incident, who were on the Duke lacrosse team. Their father is a New York City fireman who responded on 9/11. Hardly a "privileged" background. More like salt of the Earth.

Who's most likely to participate in rapes which involve two or more perpetrators? The answer is in this table. It isn't "privileged white males." Politically incorrect but true. The stain of bigotry hampers one's vision.

Whether or not any of the Duke lacrosse team members are guilty of rape or other allegations, a great harm is being done by those using this incident to bash athletes, athletics, "privileged white males," and males in general. It shows the level of hostility by many in our society towards traditional masculine men.

Seldom Wrong, Never in Doubt needs to realize that being wrong isn't so bad, not believing you can be is. Practice some doubting.


NKU Professor Will Not Be Allowed to Return

Sally Jacobson, the women's studies professor who lead her students in the destruction of a pro-life display, will no longer teach or be employed at Northern Kentucky University. She has been placed on leave and will retire at the end of the semester.
Sally Jacobsen, who is a professor in the literature and language department, will not return to the school. University president James Votruba said what Jacobsen did was outside the scope of her employment.
Whether or not her retirement was planned previous to this action is not known by this writer.

I am surprised at the swift and strong action by the university. Perhaps Ms. Jacobson had planned to go out with a bang. It's sad that supposedly learned and intelligent people are having more and more difficulty engaging in civil debate rather than acts of vandalism.

As I've said, I know plenty of people who went to NKU. My 17 year old son is considering attending there. I feel much better about this possibility after the administrations strong stance.

Instapundit says, "Bravo!"

Volokh has more.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Librarian Dropped at OSU

Instapundit also reports that the sexual harassment allegations against librarian Scott Savage have been dropped. Thank goodness. Interestingly Instapundit also reports that the American Library Association did not come to Savage's aid. Apparently they are tied up with protecting the rights of terrorists to use library computers for Internet access to plan more attacks.

Oh, well, I guess all the news can't be good.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Cincinnati Murder Rate Continues Upward

Black Activist Shot in Front of City Hall
Dies Three Days Later

12 people were murdered in Cincinnati in March alone, a pace that, if maintained, would nearly double the previous years murders. One of the most recent victims was General Kabaka Oba (Michael Bailey) of the Black Fist. He was shot outside of City Hall where he had just spoken to City Council. If you listen closely you can hear the gun shots in this video of the City Council meeting. While many of Kabaka Oba's opinions and actions were off the wall, he had a likeable quality to him. He often called in to local radio talk shows and would also appear as a guest on those same shows. He had a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself and the situation.

Ironically, Kabaka Oba was gunned down by another black man with whom he had been feuding for several years. While I agreed with Kabaka Oba on few issues, I mourn his loss and wish his family well.

I work a block from where the shooting occurred and could see the yellow police tape from the window close to my cubicle. Shootings this close to work definitely increase one's anxiety level. I frequently walk past the spot of the shooting to pick up a sandwich for lunch or to go to the library. I had walked by that spot the day before the shooting to get a new battery for my watch.

It was a pleasant, sunny, warm day. Several people, all black, gave me pleasant greetings. I went to a black owned jewelry store to get my watch battery. Everyone was friendly and smiling. I was feeling more up-beat about the city than I had in quite a while. Hopefully, the brighter, more up-beat city can find itself and continue upward.


Ohio Solves Problem of Identifying Terrorists

An idea so simple that it's wonder no one had thought of it before now.
A new state law is requiring that all people applying for state, city, county or township positions fill out the paperwork stating whether they belong to any terrorist organizations.
We should expand this to include tax returns, W4's, all job applications, etc. In no time at all any terrorists in our country would be identified or have fled in fear of being caught. Sometimes simplicity is so beautiful.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Feminazi's Strike at Two Universities

Ohio State University apparently equates conservative reading with sexual harassment. Librarian Scott Savage recommended four conservative books for freshman reading. In response three female professors filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment against him.
Scott Savage, who serves as a reference librarian for the university, suggested four best-selling conservative books for freshman reading in his role as a member of OSU Mansfield’s First Year Reading Experience Committee. The four books he suggested were The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian, The Professors by David Horowitz, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis by Bat Ye’or, and It Takes a Family by Senator Rick Santorum. Savage made the recommendations after other committee members had suggested a series of books with a left-wing perspective, by authors such as Jimmy Carter and Maria Shriver.

Savage was put under “investigation” by OSU’s Office of Human Resources after three professors filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment against him, saying that the book suggestions made them feel “unsafe.” The complaint came after the OSU Mansfield faculty voted without dissent to file charges against Savage. The faculty later voted to allow the individual professors to file charges.
So much for institutions of learning and intellectual exploration. Liberal indoctrination is the rage now days.

Instapundit thinks it's a black eye for OSU. I think it's worse than insulting Woody Hayes. Eugene Volokh also expresses some thoughts.

UPDATE: The time and location of the book burning will be announced sometime tomorrow.

Feminist Professor at Northern Kentucky University Uses Students During Class Time to Destroy Pro-Life Display

I found this via Michelle Malkin. From The Cincinnati Enquirer:
A professor at Northern Kentucky University said she invited students in one of her classes to destroy an anti-abortion display on campus Wednesday evening.

NKU police are investigating the incident, in which 400 crosses were removed from the ground near University Center and thrown in trash cans. The crosses, meant to represent a cemetery for aborted fetuses, had been temporarily erected last weekend by a student Right to Life group with permission from NKU officials.

Sally Jacobsen, a longtime professor in NKU's literature and language department, said the display was dismantled by about nine students in one of her graduate-level classes.

"I did, outside of class during the break, invite students to express their freedom-of-speech rights to destroy the display if they wished to," Jacobsen said.

Asked whether she participated in pulling up the crosses, the professor said, "I have no comment."


She said she was infuriated by the display, which she saw as intimidating and a "slap in the face" to women who might be making "the agonizing and very private decision to have an abortion.'"

Jacobsen said it originally wasn't clear who had placed the crosses on campus.

She said that could make it appear that NKU endorsed the message.

Pulling up the crosses was similar to citizens taking down Nazi displays on Fountain Square, she said.

"Any violence perpetrated against that silly display was minor compared to how I felt when I saw it. Some of my students felt the same way, just outraged," Jacobsen said.
Wow. Thought processes (to call it logic would be too flattering) like hers are truly scary. She is capable if justifying virtually anything it appears. Ironic how she makes analogy with Nazis. Her actions much more closely resemble that of fascists stomping out free speech than do those of who put up the display. Apparently free is fine as long as it is her free speech and is in line with her ideology.

One of my co-workers who recently graduated from NKU described her as "whacko."

Her picture is published in The Northerner Online.

Sally Jacobson is the woman on the right according to the newspaper caption. From The Northerner: Online
Members of the Northern Right to Life are camping out Thursday to protect their display of anti-abortion crosses, following the damage and removal of the display on Wednesday by protestors.

The group has decided to press charges against those responsible.


Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba has confirmed that Dr. Sally Jacobsen said that she encouraged students to practice their freedom of speech by pulling down the crosses during her British Literature class, which meets on Wednesday evenings.
All this ties in quite nicely with comments left in response to a post on tips for attending college by DrHelen.
1.) If you're a black male, you need to understand that your moral status on campus is ultimately determined by the most hysterical White Female Feminist (WFF) present. No one will make this clear to you until you've somehow insulted said WFF, at which point you become a 'threatening' black male. After this occurs you'll be treated like a mental patient and should probably transfer to another institution.

* the above can be mitigated by the presence of a high percentage of black females on campus. Black women can be your best allies because they recognize that white liberal women are among the most bigotted people on the face of the earth.

2.) Generally avoid schools w/ a reputation for social activism and progressive politics. Blacks have no accomplishments that white liberals need respect. You will always be their brave little Sambo, your folks will be assumed to be modern day share croppers, and you will be subject to unrelenting condescension by your sensitive white peers.

3.) Don't bother trying to familiarize yourself with the issues of the day. These are ultimately intended to enable white liberals to humiliate middle and lower class whites. It's an inside fight that you're better off ignoring.
I amazed at just how well this commenter pegged the present climate of today's universities, but I think much of what he says could be extended to any males and conservatives.

Every day I go to work I drive by Northern Kentucky University. It is a "commuter" college of about 12,000 students 8 miles south of Cincinnati, OH. It has a good athletic program and rarely is a source of bad news.

The Northern Right to Life group should also sue her for violation of their free speech rights. Sally Jacobson is a government employee and she was actively preventing free speech. Simple.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


John McCain Thinks You're a Wimp,
Wants To Help Kennedy Give Away Your Country

On April 4, John McCain expressed incredible disrespect for the American worker. While speaking to the AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Department, McCain had this exchange:
But he took more questions, including a pointed one on his immigration plan.

McCain responded by saying immigrants were taking jobs nobody else wanted. He offered anybody in the crowd $50 an hour to pick lettuce in Arizona.

Shouts of protest rose from the crowd, with some accepting McCain's job offer.

"I'll take it!" one man shouted.

McCain insisted none of them would do such menial labor for a complete season. "You can't do it, my friends."

Some in the crowd said they didn't appreciate McCain questioning their work ethic.

Impressed by McCain's moxie
"I was impressed with his comedy routine and ability to tap dance without music. But I was impressed with nothing else about him," said John Wasniewski of Milwaukee. "He's supposed to be Mr. Straight Talk?"
So, according to McCain, the American worker isn't capable of picking lettuce at $50 an hour. (Or any other wage it would seem by McCain's comments.)

Either he is hopelessly out of touch with the average American worker or is desparately seeking an excuse to grant amnesty to illegal workers. Either way, he's lost my vote.

I grew up in a somewhat "privileged" family. Because my father worked hard and became not only the first person in his family to graduate from college but the first person from his faPhDy to earn a Phd, we enjoyed an upper middleclass lifestyle. But my father never forgot the value of hard work and we spent many summer days clearing weeds out of our yard. (Our 1.5 acre lot was 100% wooded when my parents bought it and a virtual jungle of honeysuckle.)

During college I married and at that point my father considered me independent. I had to earn my way through college. During school breaks I would go to Manpower Temporary Services and work for minimum wage or slightly above. The jobs I performed included unloading coffee beans of of boxcars at JFG Coffee. The bags weighed 180 lbs. each. One day we got a break and unloaded peanuts. The peanut bags weighed only 130 lbs. In many of these jobs I worked with other college students also earning their way through college.

In 1990, I moved to the Maysville, KY area. Maysville is the second largest tobacco market in Kentucky and most farmers grow tobacco. One of my ex-wife's brothers grows 40,000 to 50,000 lbs. a year. Cutting and putting up tobacco is very hard work. I've done it all. Climbing 30 feet up in a barn and standing on unsecured poles to hang the tobacco is scary work as well as hard. Putting up hay in 98 degree heat isn't easy either. Many times I did this work for free just to help out my in-laws. I've seen people drive as far as 60 miles to put up tobacco for $8 an hour to get a little extra money for Christmas or whatever.

A co-worker of mine owns a lawn trimming business on the side to earn extra money so his wife can stay home with the kids. She does perform some part-time work for the Catholic Diocese. My boss (warning: morbidity) picks up dead bodies for a funeral home to earn extra money so his wife can stay at home with the kids. (Some of the bodies are so heavy they have to use an engine hoist to pick them up.)

A friend of mine in Maysville works at UPS plus owns and operates a lawncare business on the side. For a time he was also a single parent father as his wife left him and their son because she found someone more exciting. My friend's father has done farm work for my ex-wife's family for more than 2 decades. He has double hip replacement and still goes out everyday.

If you drive through rural America, stand outside its factories and other workplaces, you will find some of the hardest working people on the planet. The American worker is the most productive in the world. Yet, McCain says, "You can't do it, my friends." What kind of friend is McCain?

American workers also work long hours.
You're not imagining it. The United Nations' International Labor Organization (ILO) has the proof:
"Workers in the United States are putting in more hours than anyone else in the industrialized world."
But we can't do it.

And, now, McCain wants to help Kennedy give away your country. And, why not, we can't do it.
Senator John McCain still believes he can win passage of an immigration package that would potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to gain U.S. citizenship.
One thing's for sure, he'll never win the presidency and hopefuly not the Republican nomination. Every opponent will be playing the sound bite, "You can't do it, my friends."

Interestingly, McCain was in Cincinnati today speaking on behalf of Congressman Steve Chabot. Chabot disagrees with McCain on immigration. "Chabot said afterward that he disagrees with McCain's approach and supports the House bill." Guess you have to show some party loyalty.

Hat tip to Tammy Bruce.
Patrick Armstrong at HurricaneRadio also has an excellent immigration post.
Check out GM Roper's open letter to the Republican Party. He got an Instalanche.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Kennedy Ready to Give Away Your Country

Ted Kennedy addressed the immigration protesters yesterday. He starts out with the usual scare tactics.
Some in Congress want to turn America away from its true spirit," Senator Kennedy said, "They believe immigrants are criminals. That's false. They believe any of us who help immigrants -- even our priests -- are criminals, too.
Then he moves on to compare the illegal immigration problem to the civil rights movement of the 1960's.
More than four decades ago, near this place, Martin Luther King called on the nation to let freedom ring. Freedom did ring -- and freedom can ring again.
Mr. Kennedy, the illegal immigrants are perhaps the most free people on the face of this planet. The come and go across our border in anonymity. The pay no income taxes. If they commit a crime, they simply vanish into the anonymity from which they came. This isn't about denied freedom. Far from it. It's about excess freedom not even allowed to our own citizens that illegal immigrants don't want to relinquish.

Ted Kennedy with the millions of his family fortune, for which he did no work, will suffer no potential losses no matter what happens on this issue. He only seeks more power. Seducing several million potential voters to the Democratic Party will ensure that power is realized. The poor, young, under-educated black male will probably suffer more than anyone. How readily Kennedy abandons this group while usurping their cry for equality. But Hispanics are outnumbering African Americans so time to court a different underclass.

Illegal immigrants come to the U.S. for economic reasons and no other. Most work hard for illegally low wages and eventually return to Mexico. What other country in the world would allow such free passage across its borders or consider any sort of amnesty program. None, not even Mexico. (Hat tip to just muttering.) Try to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand. Forget about it!!

Is it too much to ask for control of our borders, controlled immigration, identified and cleared immigrants? I think not.

Kennedy is such a savior of the oppressed minorities that his Senate Homepage pictures him reading to a group of children, all of which are minorities. White man's burden is so great!!

For the rest of us, remember that Kennedy and his ilk are the reason the illegal immigration problem has reached such great heights. He cares little, if at all, about the people he is supposed to represent, U.S. citizens.

Monday, April 10, 2006


9 Year Old Girl Run Over and Killed By Mother's Car

Sad, tragic story.
Georgie Hesser died shortly after the accident. Officers said Hesser fell out of the SUV, and her mother got out to help her, thinking the car was in park. But the SUV was still in gear, and rolled back over the girl.
I always make my kids were their seat belts, even when I drive across the parking lot at the mall. They are not allowed to even begin to open the car door until the car is at a complete stop. I always set the parking brake and turn off the engine when I get out of the car.

This story hit me hard because I have a 9 year old daughter. I can't imagine such a fate for her. Your child is the most precious gift you receive. Show you care by taking care.


Duke Rape Case: Massive False Accusation??

This evening the bombshell news is that there is no DNA match with any of the Duke LaCrosse team members in the rape allegations. Watching Larry King Live and Nancy Grace, the feminists seemed quite upset.
But I'll tell you something, Larry. There's other issues that people are forgetting about. There is a neighbor who heard screaming next door. There is, of course, the phone call that was made a couple minutes before, so these are all things that the prosecutor is going to do now in making a decision as to whether or not to go forward.
Screaming at a wild college party? Imagine that.
But I'll tell you something, Larry. There's other issues that people are forgetting about. There is a neighbor who heard screaming next door. There is, of course, the phone call that was made a couple minutes before, so these are all things that the prosecutor is going to do now in making a decision as to whether or not to go forward.
All the above comments were made by Stacey Honowitz, Florida Assistant State Attorney. She certainly seems eager to convict. How 46 men could have sexually assaulted this woman and left no DNA evidence is beyond me. Not a hair follicle, no semen, not on her, not on her clothes, nothing. A female attorney and Nancy Grace herself were asserting that the fact that lacrosse team members were keeping quiet was indicative of guilt. Wonder if they ever heard of the 5th Amendment. Dammed of you do, dammed if you don't.

This case could still have a twist but it sure looks like the Duke lacrosse team may be vindicated and Houston Baker will have to look elsewhere for his violent, privileged white males.


Immigration Demonstrations

A few thoughts. I wonder if our Senators and Congresspeople will remember who they are supposed to represent - the citizens of this country or those of another country. We know where Ted Kennedy stands, illegal immigrants first and then a Scotch and water.

Flying the Mexican flag in protest is in no way the equivalent of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Greek Festivals, Octoberfest, etc. And, those who, such as the Mexica Movement, say portions of the southwestern United States should be returned to Mexico (the motherland) sound strangely reminiscent of a man in Europe 80 years ago.

Why do the protesters have such a hard time with the expectation of entering this country legally?

Without secure borders Homeland Security is a joke, which it pretty much is anyway. The Democrats are ready to crack down on law abiding citizens for taxes, gun control, etc. but if you're here illegally all is forgiven. The Democrats never saw a vote they didn't try to buy with your tax money.

Legal guest workers, no problem. Just make sure they are paid a legal wage, pay taxes and are cleared for legal entry.

Earlier today I had the thought that maybe Mexico should just become a U.S. territory similar Puerto Rico. We could go in an rid Mexico of its congenital corruption, help it develop its own economy, establish fair wages, and taxes would be paid by all.

Glenn Reynolds had similar idea.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Race, Gender, Education, Economics
Can't We Just Get Along?

Watching and considering the Cynthia McKinney/Capitol Police fiasco again brought forth thoughts of the state of black/white race relations in our country. There is no doubt that bigotry and racism still exists. MSNBC ran an article today on a report on the plight of young black men in America today.
At a time when the U.S. economy is on the upswing and more people are finding work, young African American men are falling further behind.

That's the grim portrait painted by three new and forthcoming books by scholars at Columbia, Georgetown and Princeton universities. The picture isn't new, but the depths of its despair and pathology are.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are about 5 million black men in America between the ages of 20 and 39. The new books, and an earlier one from Harvard, find them losing ground in mainstream American society, despite advances made by black women, presumably part of the same socioeconomic experience.

This vexing problem, caused by a variety of social ills, is equally vexing when scholars consider what causes it.
Not a pretty picture. More:
  • Rates of imprisonment for young black men escalated throughout the 1990s and continued climbing well into the current decade. About 16 percent of black men in their twenties who were not college students were either in jail or in prison.
  • African Americans are seven times more likely to go to prison or jail than whites.
  • Almost 60 percent of black male high school dropouts in their early thirties have spent time in prison.
  • The percentage of young jobless black men continues to increase, part of a trend that generally hasn't abated in decades. In 2000, about 65 percent of black male high-school dropouts had no jobs, either because they couldn't find work or because they were in jail. By 2004, the studies found that number had grown to 72 percent. The numbers for young black men were higher than for whites and Hispanics similarly affected.
In many ways these are the people who could use the jobs that illegal immigrants are taking. Liberals are burning the candle at both ends. They "care" about the young black men but allow jobs they need to be taken by illegal immigrants whom they also support. Who should matter most our legal citizens or illegal immigrants?

Obviously, part of the solution to the problem is not to be a high school dropout. But the percentage of black males age 20-34 with high school degrees or better, 87.1% is better than white males 20-34, 84.4%. Providing that I ran the numbers from these tables released by the U.S. Census Bureau in March, 2005 correctly.

Notably, black females, who the article identifies as doing better than black males, have a lower percentage with a high school degree or better, 86.2%. White females with a high school degree of better have the highest percentage, 89.4%. Judging from these figures, many questions arise. One is that, is the problem facing young black males more than just racism? I would have to think "yes." One of these problems may be gender. Otherwise, how could a group of the same race with less education on the average, black females, be doing better economically?

Another tidbit I gleaned from this table was the percentage of high school graduates for those 50-65 years old: Blacks have made significant gain between generations and whites are slipping.

Looking at those 20-34 years old who have a Bachelor's degree or better the pattern changes. Black males come in last with 12.3%, followed by black females with 16.4%. White females come out on top with 26.8% followed by white males with 21.4%. These figures are in keeping with the trend towards fewer males attending college. Young black men still lag behind in college education. One wonders why the

It appears the black male faces a double challenge, the residual racism still present in our society and gender prejudice. An apparently black male anonymous commenter (anonymous 11:56 am) at DrHelen gives some insight into the college experience for a black male as well as his opinion of the impact of feminism on black males. This commenter seems to have some thoughts and insights similar to Shelby Steele's.

The problems facing young black males go far beyond simple racism. Yes, there continues to be racism but how great is the impact in an individual black male? Hard to ascertain but surely much less than 50 or more years ago. It would seem reasonable to investigate the impact of anti-male bias.

Current day liberalism impedes black progress in that it continually suggests that blacks face overwhelming obstacles due to racism and can't succeed without their (the liberals) help. Thereby attempting to create a dependency relationship. This also encourages racial hostility. How else would you react towards your perceived "oppressors?"

In his autobiography Malcom X explained to a "token integrated" Ph.D. black associate professor that a Southern white racist would refer to him as "Nigger." But what terminology does a black person use to refer to a perceived white racist who may actually be an "enlightened liberal?" Maybe this is a case. I'm sure it's not flattering. Whether it's Cynthia McKinney, Ray Nagin, white supremists, or whomever global accusations of racism, etc. are unprovable, indefensible and unconstructive.

When I hear the global accusations of racism such as Prof. Houston Baker's in response to the Duke Lacrosse team rape allegations I become a little less sympathetic to the cause.
I`ve taught in many places. In tier-one, traditionally all-white universities across this country, administrators know that a culture of violence, a culture of rape, a culture of gay-bashing, a culture of racism and misogyny exist. Duke is no different in that respect.
The rape allegations turn into an indictment of virtually every university in the country. Cynthia McKinney's accusations, accusations by many concerning Katrina relief, ad infinitum, have hardened the average white guy's heart to such accusations. While we abhor racism, we firmly believe such accusations to not be true. The "white guilt" trip in running on empty.

Most people in this country, like myself, are simply trying to make ends meet, provide for their kids, enjoy life a little and, perhaps, do something meaningful. Lets fight racism, gender bias, other evils where we encounter it but lets quite creating windmills. "Just getting along" shouldn't be all that hard.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


McKinney Digs a Deeper Hole

Today Knoxviews blog asserted that the reason Democrats can't get traction is
The big story on CNN Wolf Blitzer Panic Room or whatever it's called was that a black Democratic U.S. Representative had to defend herself against assault by a racist law enforcement officer. And it was somehow her fault for being assaulted. And even worse, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party don't have her back.

And, even more ironically, the teaser for the next story was "why can't Democrats get traction?"

America is seriously broken. I blame the "liberal media". And spineless Democrats.

(Emphasis mine.)
Apparently some liberals/progressives buy McKinney's lame claim that she is the victim because of her race and gender. Or is it her gender and race? On CNN today, McKinney took every opportunity to vilify the Capitol Police while avoiding addressing her own actions. Funny, I don't remember anyone, including McKinney, leveling racism charges at the Capitol Police before this incident. Here are some of comment from the interview.

McKinney makes sure to mention Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte in her initial statement plus get in a dig at the Capitol Police.
What I want to say, though, is that we've had two press conferences. One was on Friday with Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover and several members of a tour group of young people who had come to Washington from Georgia. And surprisingly, I didn't even know about their experience. But surprisingly, they, too, had a story to tell about the Capitol Hill police. And these were African-American young people.
Here McKinney continues to blame the Capitol Police even though she, McKinney, had failed to wear her identifying lapel pin and had changed her hair style.
BLITZER: Hold on -- hold on one second, James. I was asking the congresswoman to tell us what happened.

MCKINNEY: I understand the question and I understand that while this is in this process there's certain questions that I can't ask, and they're better responded to by the attorneys. But what I can say is that this idea that the security of members of Congress is contingent on either a piece of jewelry or the way they wear their hair is -- I just don't understand.

It means, then, that the Congress and the members of Congress are not secure. If the members of the United States Capitol Hill Police who are charged with the responsibility of protecting the members of Congress don't know who they are, then what does that say to us about the kind of security that we have?

BLITZER: Congresswoman, there are 435 members of the House of Representatives, 100 senators. There are law enforcement, Capitol Hill Police. Members of the House where a little lapel pin to identify them as members of Congress; thereby, they can avoid going through the metal detectors and they just go around them, as you well know.

On that day, you weren't wearing your lapel pin, is that right?

MCKINNEY: You know, if you look at C-SPAN and the speeches from the floor of the House on any given day, you will see that there are very many members of Congress who don't happen to have their pins on while they're speaking on the floor of the House. But let me just say that the requirement for pages to become a congressional page at age 16 is to know by face and by name the members of the United States Congress.

Don't you think that the United States Capitol Police ought to also know the members of Congress by name and by face? And then there are only 14 African-American women members of Congress. So I don't understand what it is about my face that certain members of the Capitol Hill Police Department can't remember.
McKinney has much higher standards for the Capitol Police than for herself. Ordinary manners and common courtesy on her part would have prevented this entire incident. Blitzer asks McKinney why it's such a big deal to stop and identify herself. McKinney rambles into accusations of racial profiling.
BLITZER: Well, I guess the basic question, Congresswoman, is, if they asked you to stop and identify yourself and go through the metal detector, what was the big deal? Why not do that?

MCKINNEY: Well, you know, that goes to the heart of the press conference that we had today. And I want to thank you for covering the other press conference that we had on Friday with Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte.

But today we had black elected officials from the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus at the time when Coretta Scott King's body lay in state at the Georgia State Capitol. The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus was not allowed into the building to perform a part of the procession. Why? They can't even answer the question except that the security at the Georgia Capitol did not recognize them as dually- elected members able to carry out the mandate of the people who sent them to the legislature.

And as a result of police action that was -- we can't even understand why the members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus were disrespected -- that's what they said today -- and forced to look at the body of Coretta Scott King from the third floor of the state Capitol.

The bottom line on this is that it doesn't matter if you're in the United States Capitol or the Georgia Capitol, the issue is racial profiling.
And it goes on and on without McKinney or her attorney acknowledging any responsibility on her part.

While I know nothing of the particular policeman involved, I can easily see the circumstances he works in everyday. He is one of a group of people charged with protecting 535 of the most important, powerful people in our country. Over the past 5 years there have been incidents involving anthrax and other threats at the Capitol Building. To get his job he had to go through a rigorous hiring process.
The selection process consists of the following stages of processing, of which you must be successful at each stage in order to proceed to the next:

  • Written Examination
  • Application Review
  • Personal Interview
  • Extensive Background Investigation
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Physical Examination
  • Psychological Evaluation

Applicants will be evaluated at each step of the process and those not selected to continue will be notified in writing of this decision. Applicants notified of non-selection will be eligible to reapply one year from the date of notification. Applicants are encouraged to establish a personal physical conditioning program as they will be required to participate in a rigorous physical conditioning program throughout their 21 weeks of training should they be selected for appointment.
Considering the hiring process it seems unlikely that anyone with racist feelings or beliefs would have much of a chance of being hired. These aren't like the cops from the little burg bordering my backyard.

The policemen and women at the Capitol Building have to be painfully aware that these powerful people they protect also have the power to make their lives miserable if they should so choose. It would not be hard to imagine that many of the members of the House and Senate possess inflated egos, a grandiose sense of self, arrogance and other similar qualities. Any policeman working the building would surely be cautious in the manner he approached any Senator or Congressperson.

While this situation could have most likely been handled with a moments civility, Cynthia McKinney has chosen to set back race relations another decade. All this also echoes the problem of racial paranoia amongst blacks that I wrote about last year.

Bill Cosby has a better way which he spoke of just the other day in New Orleans. Cosby has also decided to give Cincinnati another chance.

And not all liberals buy McKinney's poor, pitiful act. Check out liberal (and proud of it) Patrick Armstrong's comments here. Why to do think Nancy Pelosi is keeping mum? She knows who's in the wrong and to suggest otherwise would be politically damaging to herself and the Democratic Party. McKinney's doing more than enough damage as it is.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Murder and Loathing In Cincinnati

Murder continues to be a growing enterprise in Cincinnati. 2005 nearly set a new record and in 2006 the criminals seem intent in going over the top. March, 2006 alone witnessed 12 killings due to criminal activity.

That 12 doesn't include the murder of a 31 year old woman in a minivan yesterday who was shot to death by a pedestrian after a confrontation at 1:30 in the afternoon.
Lana Brown, 31, was driving a green minivan near the corner of Race Street and 14th Street at about 1:30 p.m. Monday, police said. She apparently got into an argument with a pedestrian, who fired two shots into the vehicle.

Brown drove to Vine Street, and as she sat dying, passersby tried to rob her.

"She was slumped there over the wheel, and we actually had people run up to her car and try to take money out of her purse," Detective David Feldhaus said. "There were several citizens that saw this that stopped the people and turned the money back over to the police officers."
Police say 15 or 20 people witnessed the attack but no one has come forward with a description. Fine people.

This murder was in the same area that experienced race riots in 2001 due to alleged police brutality. Due to the riots, protests by Black leaders, a Dept. of Justice investigation, which found nothing significant, police have slacked off in their enforcement efforts in the area. Now the residents are reaping the rewards, death and crime. Unfortunately, I work within 6-8 blocks of this area. I have driven past the spot where this lady died several times in the past month. You can be sure I will not stop unnecessarily in this area.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Teachers vs Educators

GM Roper has a classic.


More Selfish Christians

In keeping with my vigilant watch for selfish Christians who believe "God helps those who helps themselves," I have found a group assembling 20 re-fab home frames for Hurricane Katrina victims. Something must be wrong here. More here. But be forewarned that as the church involved is accepting volunteers not all involved are necessarily Christians.

Here is another story of a group of men from a Christian church going Mississippi to help with the recovery effort. Oh, my! Not only did many Christians help immediately after the hurricane devastated the Gulf Coast, they continue to help. Somebody should tell Newsweek, Melinda Henneberger, and Bill McKibben from Harper's.


Wal-Mart and Disaster Preparedness

Yesterday I listened to the Discovery Channel while blogging. The show was about hurricanes. I missed the name of the show as I was blogging and listening TV that was in the next room.

The narrator began explaining about Wal-Mart and how is responded to potential disasters. With predictable disasters, such as hurricanes, Wal-Mart would ship items to its stores in the area that it anticipated people would want and need, bottled water, batteries, and apparently beer and Pop Tarts.

I have blogged before about how well Wal-Mart responded to Hurricane Katrina. The blurb on the Discovery Channel added some perspective.

According to the show: The number one selling item before a hurricane? Beer. The number one selling item after a hurricane? Pop Tarts. Of course, as we saw in response to Hurricane Katrina, Wal-Mart had plenty of bottled water, generators, and other emergency related items on hand.

Maybe FEMA could learn a thing or to from Wal-Mart.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Boys, Boys, Boys,....

DrHelen has two recent posts regarding boys and young men.

One considers that a third of all men 22-34 are living at home. The other is regarding a discussion with Dr. Leonard Sax about unmotivated boys. The comments to these posts are also intriguing.

For the past 50 years our society has become increasingly hostile and unaccepting of all things male. Boys and young men hopefully grow up to be men. The problem now is that growing up to be a man doesn't appear to be all that great to many. And being a boy isn't necessarily that great either.

Medicating boys to control their behavior has become common. My 13 year old son recently sat through the the obligatory abusive men movie in school. The teacher did make the statement that women can be abusive too. Since the only bruises my son ever received from a parent were from his mother, he knows of this possibility.

"Real men" are ridiculed frequently. Take notice of how many TV commercials show a man some where in the commercial playing the fool while an ever suffering, enduring female displays sensibility. Many boys grow up without a significant relationship with their fathers because of divorce and the near automatic "kids go to the mother" custody decisions.

The examples are almost endless which raises a question. What did you expect to happen? Feminists, misguided (at best) liberals, mental health professions led our society down this road with no solid evidence of the outcome. In order to raise the feminine they felt it necessary to destroy the masculine. Did they expect something good to come out of this destruction?

If you read Aesop's Fables and other old or ancient writings they will tell you of the folly of trying to change something into something it isn't, such as the fable of the frog and the scorpion. (And please don't equate men with the scorpion.) Modern man is truly a conceited being, believing to be above the affects of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and the nature of their own species. To truly improve society one's biological nature must be positively integrated into the picture. Being a boy, a young man, and a man, being masculine is the biological nature of most males. Learn to appreciate it.


Basketball Star

Basketball Star, originally uploaded by born_a_vol.

Yesterday I watched my daughter play her last basketball game of the season. This has been her first year of serious basketball. From last October till now her skills and level of play has improved tremendously. Initially she was the 6th person on the team, coming off the bench when needed. Within a few games she became a starting center/forward.

Last year she played some intramural basketball at her elementary school. She immediately loved basketball and "love" is the right word. When I picked her up after her first practice, she looked up at me and said, "Daddy, I love basketball." The love story continues.

Watching her play one can tell that she is truly enjoying herself. She often smiles on the court and even laughs with joy. In one struggle for the ball my daughter fell with two girls falling on top of her, all holding on to the ball. When the referees cleared the pile my daughter came up laughing. The referees began laughing also along with almost everyone else in the gym.

I can hardly wait until next season.


McKinney: Everything That's Wrong With....

The incident in which Cynthia either slapped or punched a Capitol Police officer and her subsequent reaction demonstrates almost everything that is wrong with many "well meaning, civil rights supporting, liberal" politicians. One of the main stays of the Democratic Party is that they are the party of the working man, the everyday person. The Republicans are all about big business and using the little guy to get rich.

In a few brief moments, McKinney showed what she really thinks about the working man, the guy who struggles each day to make ends meet. The little guy is too lowly for McKinney to bother with, the little guy is not good enough to even touch her. If she mistreats the little guy, it's his fault. McKinney is a victim of this little guy who was just trying to do his job of protecting the members of Congress, their staff, and visitors from lunatics, terrorists, etc. It turns out at least one lunatic in a member of Congress.

Wikipedia notes that McKinney also had a problem with security at the Capital in 1993. Oh, the horror. She is a victim. Thank God that Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte have come to give her support. We certainly wouldn't want the rich and the powerful ganging up on the everyday, working man. Luckily, she has a rich, powerful attorney to help her also.

It just so terrible when someone like Cynthia is victimized. And I thought this country had come so far over the last 50 years. Pity.

I wonder how many of our everyday person loving Democratic politicians will speak up for the capital Policeman. Al? Howard? Teddy? I can't hear you.

HalfBakered has a humorous observation regarding Cynthia.

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