Friday, November 23, 2012


Costello Needs an Abbott

Fighting and bickering between news agencies, on air and otherwise, generally bores me to tears. It's news agencies not reporting news, but simply trying to make the competition look bad. The other day, Carol Costello out did herself.

Costello is the only TV/News person I follow on Facebook. I follow her because one day I wanted to comment on a post of her's and never bothered to unfollow. If I've ever watched her on CNN, I can't remember when. But, the other day, she decided to make a Facebook post about how horrible it was that Fox News was running a story about Twinkies when there bus bombing in Israel. She doesn't seem to remember she had posted about cooking turkey 11 minutes earlier.Read more »


Hours Slashed to Avoid Obamacare

Yep. Sad but true, another greedy, self serving company college cuts the "hours of 400 adjunct instructors, support staff, and part-time instructors to dodge paying for Obamacare."
"It's kind of a double whammy for us because we are facing a legal requirement [under the new law] to get health care and if the college is reducing our hours, we don't have the money to pay for it," said adjunct biology professor Adam Davis. On Tuesday, CCAC employees were notified that Obamacare defines full-time employees as those working 30 hours or more per week and that on Dec. 31 temporary part-time employees will be cut back to 25 hours. The move will save an estimated $6 million. "While it is of course the college’s preference to provide coverage to these positions, there simply are not funds available to do so," said CCAC spokesperson David Hoovler. "Several years of cuts or largely flat funding from our government supporters have led to significant cost reductions by CCAC, leaving little room to trim the college’s budget further." The solution, says United Steelworkers representative Jeff Cech, is that adjunct professors should unionize in an attempt to thwart schools seeking similar cost-savings efforts from avoiding Obamacare.
No problem. they'll all still have access to "free" healthcare.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Is General Petraeus Sheldon Cooper's Father and Other Questions

Delving further and further into Petraeus' affairs of heart and body, the question arises, "Is General Petraeus Sheldon Cooper's father?

The resemblance is hard to deny. Where was Petraeus at the time Sheldon's mother conceived?

All the current expositions of the affair and related matters make this appearance by Broadwell on the Daily Show rather humorous.Read more »

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Jerry Brown Quotes Marxism to Justify Taxes

Listen beginning at the 3:10 point on and hear California Governor Jerry Brown quote Karl Marx, "To each according to..." Brown catches himself and switches to a "Biblical" quote. Candy Crowley doesn't bat an eye. Says a lot about both of them - both Marxist at heart.


Don't Go Galt. Go Semi-Galt

Following the presidential election, talk of going Galt escalated. Realistically, most of us must work and provide for ourselves and families. Going full Galt poses an impossible task.

But, anyone can go semi-Galt. Going semi-Galt means living and consuming in such a way as to minimize your contribution to parasitic entities, government in particular, in our society. Manage your money and other assets in such a way that you pay minimal taxes. Some of us already live a semi-Galt life.

Many make the mistake of only looking at income taxes. Interdisciplinary World lists over 50 taxes we pay in the U.S., a variety of federal, state and local. Minimize paying these taxes. Grow your own food, brew your own beer, barter for items with others, keep your car longer to avoid paying the sales tax for car purchases.Read more »


10 and 0, 4 to Go

My son's football team, the venerable Georgetown Tigers, won today against a feisty opponent UVA-Wise. This makes two consecutive undefeated regular seasons for them. ( This isn't any thing new for the coach. This is the third time he's done that, plus two NAIA national championships.)

My son, a sophomore, snaps on extra points and fields goals and had as good a day as you can expect anyone to have at that. Every snap on the spot and laces up. Next year he plans to start on the offensive line.

The team begins play-offs next Saturday and if they can win four more they're national champs again. They have a sometimes stingy defense and a high powered offense. They scored 77 points on two different occasions and average 47.8 points a game. The team's strongest points are good talent in every position, excellent coaches (the head coach and 3 of his assistants have been together for over 150 victories. Another assistant has been there all victories too, but the first three years were as a player.), and an excellent strength and conditioning program.

In many games, they simply wear the other team down, which was the case today. My son's level of conditioning amazes me. It's hard to believe how big, strong, quick and fast he's gotten. Reminds me of why I played basketball instead of football. He's 100 pounds heavier and just as fast or faster as I was at that age.

The other thing that amazes me is how much time and effort these guys put into the sport. The only day they don't practice, condition, or play is Monday. On the days they condition at 7:30 AM, they still practice in the afternoon. Georgetown is a school with high academic standards which makes it doubly tough. But, that's the larger point in going to college. Football enables my son to attend an expensive, academically respected school that he otherwise couldn't afford. That makes all the work worth it.

Friday, November 09, 2012


Ed Schultz Keeps Up the Racial Hate Mongering

Many of us think that Obama being elected to a second term would be a sign of racial progress in our country. Not Ed Schultz. Ed found it fitting to run a show on racism and the "right-wing freakout over minority voters."

Naturally, none of Ed's examples showed racism except to the colored lenses of a hate mongering leftist. Ed got Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Coin Powell to provide a summary of his argumentRead more »

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