Thursday, November 27, 2008


In Praise of Weird Kids

My two youngest kids like clothes that are a mixture of emo, skateboarder, punk, or something similar. All this means is shirts with a print design of some sort, baggy pants for my son, tighter jeans for my daughter. Skateboarder type shoes and modest hoodies.

My ex and I stoutly forbid tattoos and piercings except for one pair of earrings for my daughter. Neither do we allow anything revealing or with prints of a sexual or "gross" or distasteful nature. We never discussed this. In our values we are simply that much alike.

Most would describe my kids' dress as rather conservative.

To find the styles and brands they like we primarily shop at Cosmic, Pac Sun, Journeys, Bad Boards, Hot Topix and similar stores. The appearance of the staff at these stores would freak out many people. They sport hair of many lengths, colors and styles. Sometimes all on the same person. They display abundant piercings and tattoos.

They are also, almost unfailingly, the friendliest, most helpful staff of any stores in the mall, and sometimes the most entertaining.

This past Sunday, I took my daughter to Eastgate Mall in Cincinnati to buy a pair of casual shoes. She had a pair of Nikes in mind. We went in Journeys where we found the usual friendly helpfulness but not the shoes she wanted. Because it was close by, we stopped in the Locker Room. No luck.

Because I could see a pair of Nikes on display, we went into Cosmic. We were almost immediately greeted by a young fellow with two rings piercing his lower lip plus tattoos and other piercings. He also toted a worn looking acoustic guitar which he admitted he didn't know how to play. He was very friendly and helpful without being pushy.

My daughter found a pair of shoes she liked and while the salesman went to get a pair for her to try on another guy of similar appearance came over to offer help. He now had the guitar. When the first fellow returned, this second stayed and they talked with us. The second guy played a few cords of a Led Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away."

My daughter wanted to check out another store before she committed herself (so fickle), we left after asking them to hold the shoes. After checking the other store, we returned and bought the pair from Cosmic.

But, the story is about the delightfulness of the staff at Cosmic. My daughter and I have never had more FUN buying a pair of shoes. To the kids working at Cosmic, I probably look pretty conservative, polo shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, medium length hair and the build of an aging athlete. However, I suspect I may be more open to these "different" or "weird" kids than some.

These two "weird" looking kids certainly made my usually dread trip to the mall the highlight of my day. Thanks, guys.


Wo(men) in Prison

A few days ago, Katie Allison Granju posted on women in prison. Katie's worried about the notable trend that "population of women in U.S. prisons has risen 650% in the past two decades." That is worthy of concern but Katie misses the greater trend: that the U.S. has the largest percentage of its population in prison of any country on Earth and that roughly 92% of those prisoners are male. So much for the land of the free.

Lest you try to pin this too on George Bush, this first became true during the Clinton administration. We need to drastically change how we deal with certain crimes, especially non-violent crime.

When people focus only on certain small aspects of the problem, they miss the overall picture. Feminists only look at issues from the "female" point of view and screw the men. Some even revel in hardship for men. They believe any pain and suffering men receive is deserved.

If you're focused on a true value, such as freedom, you're concerned in the freedom of all people. The workings of many special interests, such as feminism, restricts freedom. Look at the laws passed to further the interests of feminism. Have any increased freedom? Plenty have decreased it.

Freedom, folks, is the greatest gift our nation offers. Preserve and increase it.


The End of Football Season

Last week my son's team lost in overtime, 26-20, signaling the end of football games I actually care about this season. I'll watch more games on TV because I love to watch football but I won't really care about the outcome. My beloved University of Tennessee Volunteers are having such a miserable season, I rooted for Vanderbilt last week. Go Commode Doors!!

My son started on defense and played well. He had his share of tackles. I am proud of his accomplishments this year. He started the season still recovering from avulsion fracture of the pelvis and missed the first two games.

When he returned to action, he initially played mostly offensive tackle. Because of his size and strength, he slowly migrated to defensive tackle where his team needed him most. His last couple of games he looked to be back up to full speed. He came off the line quicker and looked a step faster than he had been. He performed very well for a 15 year old boy, albeit a 6'3", 250 lb. boy, going up against others as old as 18 and 19 years.

My son's team as a whole exceeded expectations. They recorded a first by beating a rival on the rival's home turf for the first time. Their 8-2 regular season record was better than anyone predicted. As has become customary, the seniors on the team provided superb leadership.

The future looks bright for the remaining team members (those who don't graduate). The starting quarterback returns along with some excellent running backs and receivers. The line should actually improve as my son and several other underclassmen have excellent potential and greater size than most of the graduating linemen.

Two days after the loss, my son was in the YMCA lifting weights (at his own request), preparing for next year. I was in there with him, getting a little exercise and giving lots of encouragement.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Prop. 8 Protest in Columbus, OH

Nationwide protests are scheduled today on the passage of Prop. 8 in California.

Being curious, I checked the protests for Ohio. The protest will be at City Hall on 90 W. Broadway at 1:30 PM. The other three streets that border city hall in Columbus? Front St., Marconi Blvd, and, YES, Gay St.!

I'm rather neutral on this issue but would like to see the government get out of the "marriage" business altogether. Set up a governmental system where all unions are civil unions while various religions can sanction whatever types of marriages they wish. In my personal life I'm against all marriages and have no plans to marry again. Hell, I haven't gone out on a date in 9 years. Don't want to, see no reason to.

The organizers are framing this as an equality issue. I'd rather see it framed as a freedom issue. Equality if a false god. People in prison are all equal but freedom is something better all together.

BTW - some are saying Mormons are not a target of these protests but they are in Maryland. Blacks voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop. 8. Why aren't the protesters marching in front of NAACP headquarters or through predominantly black sections of towns?


Football: First Round Playoff Victory

Showing dominate defense and fast hitting offense, my son's high school team roared to a 68-12 victory in their first round playoff game. My son started a defensive tackle.

He surprised me by making a play he made almost routinely in 7th, 8th and 9th grade ball. On the first play of the game, he shot the gap between the center and guard and tackled the opposing running back behind the line of scrimmage. He looked quicker off the line than ever before this season.

I take this as a sign that he is getting close to 100% in shape after missing pre-season conditioning and the first part of the season due to an injury he received last May. After the first defensive series of 3 plays, he sat out a couple of series and played the rest of the game at offensive tackle until the final couple of minutes. Clearly, it was his best game of the season. He's definitely back.

The team's leading running back had 212 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns by half-time. The speed differential between the two teams provided the winning edge. His team has speed at every position. The lineman, other than my son and one other sophomore, tend to be small for their position but they are fast and quick. My son if faster and quicker than most his size.

As I've probably said before, this team is a great bunch of guys. A group whom which I'm proud my son is a member. The coaches have done a tremendous job, also. Before the season started, there were numerous questions about this teams potential. They have surpassed everyone's expectations and are still going.

Go Royals!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Another Win for the Football Team

Before my son's team's football games, we have a "tailgate" event where we sell a sandwich and sides with a pop for $5. This week the sandwich was grilled rib eye steak. Pretty good.

It was senior night and we were playing a team that we only beat by one point last year. It had rained most of the day. The field was sloggy and we felt apprehensive. Then the rainbow appeared.

In the sky shown perhaps the most perfect rainbow I ever saw. A complete arch of colors graces the sky. A dimmer rainbow floated beside the brighter one.

I was tempted to take it as a good omen but I know that scientifically there is no such thing. But, the rainbows' beauty lifted our spirits from the rainy, gloomy day. On my cellphone I couldn't capture the entire rainbow in one shot, so the two halves are below.

My son's team ended up winning 23-0. My son got plenty of playing time, playing both offensive and defense. More than anything I'm proud my son has had the opportunity to play with this team, a group of over-achievers. After losing many starters, we were simply hoping for a winning season.

Players in every class stepped up and played better than expected. The coaches worked hard and had the team well prepared for every game. And they played their hearts out as a team. This is what I like about every football team my son has played on, the team spirit.

On his team, there are players for every socio-economic background. The encourage each other, support each other and cheer each other on. They are a group that genuinely cares about each other. I give the coaches their fair share of credit for building this team atmosphere but the kids carry it out.

As it turned out, this year's team bested last year's 7-3 regular season team by going 8-2 in the regular season.

Next week play-offs start. Wish us luck.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Keith Olberman's and Chris Matthews Shopping List

PsychoPhil points out that Chris "I'm a journalist" Matthews considers it his job to make Obama's presidency a success.

What have Chris Matthews and Keith "The World's Worst Person" Olberman been shopping for lately? Answer here.


Gun Sales Soaring

The election of Barack Obama has caused gun sales to skyrocket.
President-elect Barack Obama's stance as an Illinois state lawmaker on gun control has sales booming. Nationally, gun sales have been up 8 to 10 percent. In Sharonville, Target World is holding an "Assault Weapons Ban Sale."

It's reaction to Obama's support of a ban on all forms of semiautomatic weapons and tighter state restrictions on firearms.

On Wednesday, people lined up outside of Target World for their sale, which continues through November 9.

Their ad refers to Obama as "the worst possible candidate for your second amendment rights." It says the sale includes some of the firearms that would potentially fall under a new assault weapons ban, should there be one.


The Empty Lives of Obama Supporters

Very, very funny.

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Monday, November 03, 2008


Voter of No Confidence

Instapundit points out a Gallup Poll that shows "just 18% are very confident that votes across the country will be accurately cast and counted..." Count me among the 82% who are not very confident, especially in my state of residence, Ohio. The shenanigans of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (DEMOCRAT) depleted whatever trust I had in my state government to conduct a fair and honest election.

People like Brunner and the ACORN nuts have no respect for your vote. Their only interest is in swaying the election to the favor of the Democratic Party. Democracy in the United States may be dead, or at least on life support.

I give a vote of "no confidence" on my confidence that votes will be accurately cast and counted.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Oil Company Conspiracy

In the general area of Deerfield, Ohio, to the northeast of Cincinnati, today I saw gas for $1.94 a gallon for regular. I haven't heard any lefties screaming about the big, bad oil companies. Seems the lefties flit from subject to subject crying and wailing about how bad this or that corporation is. Actually understanding market forces seems beyond them.

I suppose for lefties to be happy all companies must be not-for-profit with wage controls for all executives while delivering the highest quality goods and services. Ain't gonna happen.

The picture is grainy because it was taken with my cell phone.


Obama Idiotic Take on Exxon-Mobil Profits

SayUncle points out another Obama idiocy.
Exxon-Mobil announced that it had made the greatest profits of any corporation in the history of the world: $14 billion in one quarter. That’s all your money.
SayUncle then points out: "Funny thing is, uh, it’s not your money. See, you exchanged your money for goods and services."

All I can add is: Would Obama be happier if Exxon-Mobil was so poorly managed that they became bankrupt and needed a federal government bailout. I doubt Exxon-Mobil is run by saints but thank God for companies that know how to operate at a profit and pay taxes rather than need tax money.

An Obama presidency doesn't scare me half as much as knowing that there are so many people eagerly lapping up his bs.

Example via Instapundit:


Obama on Privatization of Social Security

ABC News focused on Obama's sitcom gaffe. But the real gaffe in the same speech are Obama's thoughts on privatizing Social Security.
"If Senator McCain is elected, we’ll have another president who wants to privatize part of your Social Security.

That ain't right," Obama said. "Can you imagine? If Social Security funds had been invested in the stock market, Americans wouldn't even need Social Security!
If every American paying into Social Security was required, instead, to put pay the same amount into privately held retirement funds, we'd probably be better off. The private funds could be regulated and insured as with FDIC bank accounts.

Despite the recent stock market losses, if all the money I have paid into SS over the last 40 years went into a well managed fund, I'd be better off. Of course, if all that money was in private hands, politicians wouldn't be able to get their hands on it to make up of budget shortfalls elsewhere.

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