Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Dangerous Communities List

After reading and hearing so much regarding the Duke rape scandal and the villainous "privileged white males" who rape, murder, pillage and plunder throughout out our country with virtual impunity. I decided it is my civic duty to start a list of some of the most dangerous places in our country. Reading this article at prompted me to this actions. Some of the details:
Collin Finnerty of Long Island and Reade Seligmann of New Jersey both come from a world of golf courses and multimillion-dollar homes and were educated at exclusive all-boys Catholic prep schools.


Finnerty hails from Garden City, New York, and lived in a Dutch colonial house on a cul-de-sac. A lacrosse net and equipment were visible in the yard, which abuts a golf course. No one answered the door at the Finnerty home Tuesday morning.

Seligmann grew up in well-to-do Essex Fells, New Jersey, where multimillion-dollar homes also abound and the current mayor grew up with the lacrosse player's dad.


Essex Fells, with a population of just over 2,100, has a median household income of $148,000, according to the Census Bureau.

The Seligmanns' neighbors declined to speak with reporters and called police when the media stepped on their property.
Can you imagine the nerve of these privileged people to believe that they can prevent media from coming on to their property? I guess such conceit comes with privilege.

I have written before regarding Houston Baker's warnings regarding "privileged white males" and also blogger "Seldom Wrong, Never in Doubt's analysis (both are college professors). Considering the concerns of the national media and learned college professors, tonight I begin my list of dangerous places to strip and/or otherwise set foot in. My personal is somewhat limited so I implore you to mention any communities that need to be added to the list in the comments. Please!! It's for the good of us all. (All income figures via

Duke University (of course)

Brentwood, TN - maybe not so privileged by Jersey standards but maybe the wealthiest community in Tennessee. Median Household Income: $111,819, about 95% white.

Indian Hill, OH - With a median household income of $158,742, Indian Hill is privileged by almost any standards. I once watched a high school basketball game there and swam a couple of times at the residence of a professional sports team owner but I managed to escape unscathed. The population is approx. 94% white. Very scary. (Compare this to Beverly Hills, CA with a median household income of a meager $70,945 and only 85% white.)

In 2003, Somerset County, N.J. had the highest median household income ($89,289) of the 233 counties with populations of 250,000. I'm not sure where this is in relation to Essex Falls, N.J. but be careful! But it's only 79% white, definitely an improvement.

Fairfax County, VA topped this list in 2004. Beware! The privileged are every where, but only 69% white. Safe in spots.

Let's include Eagle-Vail, Colorado. Median household income $87,297 (fairly good) and 95% white. This isn't the ski resort. According to Wikipedia: Eagle-Vail a census-designated place located in Eagle County, Colorado along Interstate 70 and the Eagle River. Since it's along Interstate 70, you might want to speed up as you go by.

Please help me build this list for the safety of ourselves and our children. Remember that many cities have small enclaves privileged white people, many of whom are male. The more accurately we can identify these areas the safer we all will be. This may seem like racial profiling but it's for the good of us all.

I would have laughed while reading your post, if it wasn't true that many white males today find themselves with almost fewer opportunities than other groups. For example, a lot fewer white males are going to college today than a decade ago.

I hate to say it, but there appears to be a backlash. My fiance, who now has a great job, faced it somewhat after he finished college and was looking for a job.

By the way, we are both against affirmative action (we believe that people should have to earn their opportunities).

Also, thanks for putting up a link! I greatly appreciate it!

Your fiance is a lucky guy. I completely concerning affirmative action.
It took him a long time for things to work out.
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