Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Just Knowing Who They Are Pisses Me Off

A couple of weeks ago I was listing to Rover's Morning Glory on the way into work. Sometime's I listen to Rover when Bob and Tom are on commercial break. Either Rover or one of his sidekicks mentioned that it pissed them off that they even knew who someone was (Britney Spears I think). Laughing, I had to agree.

Here are a few others that it pisses me off that I know who they are. Knowing who they are is a complete waste of whatever memory space they occupy in my mind.
Very close to pissing me off
Got any "pissed off I know they exist" people? Add to the list.

Anyone who is famous for pretty much no reason and whose face is constantly plastered on tabloids.

Jessica Simpson, her ex-husband
Ashlee Simpson, Joe Simpson, Teri Hatcher, etc etc etc
Ashlee Simpson should definitely be on the list, one of the biggest no talents of the decade.
They don't exist. It's a wallpaper fashion
Paris Hilton. Proving again that people with absolutely no value can be superstars.
No value and no values, Paris is a must.
Madonna. Can't act, can't sing. Another "nothing celebrity".
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