Monday, May 30, 2011


Daily Kos Agrees with Right Wing Gun Nuts

One of my Facebook friends is Kathryn Werdal who has been closely following the news of the killing of Jose Guerena by the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Today, Werdal pointed out Daily Kos' take on the incident. From the Daily Kos:
Is the life of one Mexican-American worth less than the lives of others?


After serving honorably twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine, Jose Guerena got a good job in the Asarco copper mine, 18 miles south of Tucson in Pima County, Arizona. But his shift at the mine was long.

In the hours before he died, Jose had worked a 12-hour-graveyard shift at the Mission Mine. After arriving home, he went to bed. Two hours later at about 9:15 am, his wife, Vanessa, heard noise outside their home and she peered out the window to check. Their older boy, Jose, Jr. was at school, and their younger son, Joel, 4, was with Vanessa as she spotted gun men outside the couple's home. Jose was in the bedroom asleep. Vanessa called, "Jose, Jose, come quickly."

Still groggy and no doubt still tired, Jose came when his wife called.

The couple's concern was evident. Vanessa thought the intruders were part of a home invasion. Two members of her sister-in-law's family, Cynthia and Manny Orozco, were killed last year in their Tucson home.

Hearing the concern in his wife's voice, Jose told Vanessa to hide in a closet with their 4-year-old son. He picked up his AR-15 rifle as is his right in gun-loving Arizona.


Jason Ogan, spokesperson with PCSD, said that when deputies finally entered the home, "Guerena started firing with a long rifle. Deputies fired back, fatally wounding him."

Like much else about this killing, what the official said was an elaborate but transparent lie:


On May 12, seven days after they killed Jose, the Sheriff's office finally admitted the safety was locked and Jose Guerena had not fired.


A photograph? Really? Really. Jose Guerena died because of a picture under his bed that cops interpreted as sympathetic to drug running? That he had guns in his house and body armor, so what? Who in Arizona doesn't? What Marine veteran doesn't?

None of what the cops took from Jose's home was illegal. Where were the drugs they were supposed to find? Where was the drug money? Bet on this: if they'd found anything, anything at all, the cops' official mouthpieces would be shouting it from the rooftops.


Jose died while medics waited outside, prevented by the deputies from entering the home for over an hour after the shooting. They were not permitted to enter the home until they had already learned Jose was dead.


In an interview with the pro-gun, pro-law enforcement ABC affiliate, Sheriff spokesman O'Connor says there were raids on four houses that morning and he admits no drugs or paraphernalia had been found at Jose's house. He also does not connect Jose to the homes where drugs turned up.
The war on drugs has become a war on the freedom in America. Too many police departments have taken on the cowboy/Dirty Harry mentality and are terrorizing the populace.

One report mentions marijuana seized at another house. Is possession of marijuana in any quantity a death sentence? NO. Should it be? NO. There is not a single recorded death from overdose of marijuana. We need a much more reasonable drug enforcement policy and police that respect the rights of the people they supposed serve and protect.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Obama Admin. to Spend $500 million on Initiative to "Deal with" Kindergarteners Who Can't Sit Still

"The Obama Administration has planned a new, $500,000,000 project: an "early learning initiative designed to deal with children as young as five who can’t sit still in a kindergarten classroom."

What does the Administration mean by "deal with?" It is not clarified, but in the near future it is assumed that kids will be studied extensively."

Another reason why every government job description says "Idiots Preferred."


Never Forget

Amazing Grace sung by Leann Rimes


Clarence Dupnik of Tuscon, AZ the Dumbest and Worst Sheriff in America?

January 8, 2011, Jared Loughner shot and killed 6 people in Tuscon, Arizona. He injured 14 others. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, where Tuscon is located, went on about how right wing talk show hosts create an atmosphere of violence that cause these things to happen.
"The kind of rhetoric that flows from people like Rush Limbaugh, in my judgment he is irresponsible, uses partial information, sometimes wrong information," Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said [Monday]. "[Limbaugh] attacks people, angers them against government, angers them against elected officials and that kind of behavior in my opinion is not without consequences." . . .

"The vitriol affects the [unstable] personality that we are talking about," he said. "You can say, 'Oh no, it doesn't,' but my opinion is that it does."
Now, Dupnik's SWAT team has killed an innocent man in his own house. I wonder which talk show host he's going to blame this time.

Supposedly, this was a result of a complex drug investigation in which the victim, his brother and another man were identified as suspects.

The victim, Jose Guerena, was a former Marine, nothing illegal was found in his house as of this report. Guerena's wife and children were in the house at the time. Guerena and his family were asleep when the SWAT team arrived. It is highly questionable whether they followed proper procedures in trying to awaken and notify the residents of their presence. Guerena was allowed to lie there and bleed for over an hour before being seen by medical personal.

What kind of SWAT team fires dozens of bullets into a house occupied by children? What kind of sheriff's department botches a "complex" investigation so badly? What kind of people allow a man to lie there and bleed out?

It's time we had some gun control, control of the guns of law enforcement. Be it botched drug raids, high speed pursuits or other circumstances, cowboy gunslinger law enforcement types are killing too many innocent people. Dupnik and his ilk thrive on the belief that they are above the law, that their use of force is justified, that they can kill with impunity because they are the law.

It's time to do away with idiots like this and limit the complexity of tasks they deal with to directing traffic in shopping malls.

UPDATE: Despite all previous reports being to the contrary, the sheriff's department is claiming that Guerena fired a shot at them. How much you wanta be that's a lie? Watch the video of the raid and see how amateurish it is, and nothing supports the Guerena fired first story.

You can hear the 911 call from his wife here. At one point, they tell here to look out the window and see who's out there. Huh!! You're husband's just been cut down in a rain of 77 shots and they want you to expose yourself? Not smart to say the least.

Statement by Guerena family attorney.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The Blind Man and the Elephant

The story of The Blind Men and the Elephant describes how differing experiences affect one's perception and conclusions about reality. Perhaps, this process is at work in the progressive mindset.

A progressive blog notes that :"The Supreme Court on Thursday gave Arizona and other states more authority to take action against illegal immigrants and the companies that hire them,..." Also, the post notes that Tennessee has a similar law on the books.

I don't have to tell you that progressives don't approve of this unless you've been living under a rock.

The same day, the blog addresses the tragic death of an illegal immigrant working on a bridge. A commenter to that post states:
Is this the best way to repair our big bridges? For profit-driven American companies to exploit hard-working decent Mexicans and other Latinos, their bodies left like dry leaves on the ground?

Maybe our national anthem should be changed to "Deportees."
To which the blog owner says:
Exactly, VP.

From what I'm reading, the poor guy didn't even speak English. So how does a foreman or safety man tell him "hey, clear the deck, there's a crane coming over your head with several tons of concrete." How does he understand what they are being told at safety meetings? Etc. I doubt they have translators.

And bonus, if undocumented workers spot job site hazard, do you think they are going to report them? Not if they don't want to get deported.

P.S. I guess it also helps get the low bid if you're hiring undocumented workers willing to work for lower wages than a local or (heaven forbid) union guy. Wonder if they have W4s for all their workers?
Other comments follow along the same lines.

Somehow, they fail to make the connection that if Tennessee's law, similar to Arizona's, was enforced, the likelihood of the illegal immigrant "undocumented worker" working on the bridge would have been much lower and he'd still be alive today. The preferred policies of progressives works hand in hand with greedy, unscrupulous business owner in creating dangerous work places as well as robbing citizens and legal immigrants of jobs.

This is a atmosphere progressives have worked hard to build yet somehow remain completely blind to. And they fail to adequately support the American blue collar worker. Maybe that's why the blue collar worker has the most pessimistic outlook on the future of any demographic group. Indeed, the progressives see the blue collar workers as bitter clingers, and racist rednecks to be held under their thumb.

The progressive position on illegal immigration is harmful to American workers and to illegal immigrants, but it makes the progressives feel warm and fuzzy.


Music Video: Serious or Parody?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just As I Always Said

Quiz: What Kind of Conservative Are You?

My Conservative Identity:

You are an Anti-government Gunslinger, also known as a libertarian conservative or Tea Partier. You believe in smaller government, states’ rights, gun rights, and that, as Reagan once said, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’"

Take the quiz at Political Humor

Fun 10 question test, but surprisingly accurate in my case.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Fox News and O'Reilly Most Trusted

This has got to hurt a lot of libs and lefties.
In a stunning rejection of network news and nightly news anchors, cable news, driven by the Fox News Channel and mouthy Bill O'Reilly, is now the top most trusted source—by a mile.

In a new poll from Boston's Suffolk University, more than a quarter of the nation says Fox is tops when it comes to who they trust the most and O'Reilly is the most believable.

"This poll shows two things: first, the network news have completely lost their brand. Second, the only network with any intensity is Fox News," says Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center. "Bottom line: the more they attack Fox, the stronger it is getting," he adds.
I guess Media Matters needs to double down on its efforts to discredit Fox.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Congratulations, You're Gay!!

Rick Welts, CEO of the NBA team Phoenix Suns, came out some time this past week or so and stated he is gay. As Instapundit recently said, "Who’s next — Elton John?"

Eliot Spitzer on CNN starts the interview with Welts, "Welcome. Congratulations. So why now?". Congratulations? According to the official propaganda, if you gay you gay, if your not your not. Should we start congratulating everyone whenever they declare their sexual orientation? Perhaps have coming out parties for gays, heterosexuals, bisexuals, etc.

Apparently CNN thought that the "Congratulations" was a little weird. They cut it out of the beginning of the interview. Welts seems like a good guy but he brings up a "conspiracy of silence." What's a person to do? No one makes any comments about his sexual orientation, but, if they suspect/know it, just go on with life. And, that is given a negative connotation by Welts. Maybe he needs a little pat on the head and an, "It's OK that you're gay." Grow up. Some people are not going to like you no matter what.

I'm weary of the perpetual coming out parties held by the MSM. Get over it. There's lots of gay people out there. But, like the race issue, the MSM seems determined to keep the issue alive and drive a wedge between people.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Is Obama Planning an Attack on Our Constitutional Rights?

Obama Admits Stealth Attack on Rights.
"I just want you to know that we are working on it," Barack Obama told Sarah Brady regarding gun control. "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar," Obama said according to Brady.

This interesting bit of news was reported in an April 11 Washington Post Lifestyle section story about Obama's gun control and regulatory policy wonk Steve Croley. Toward the end of the article the writer, Jason Horowitz, mentioned a March 30 meeting between Jim and Sarah Brady and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney during which the President "dropped in." He then quotes Sarah Brady relating how President Obama gave his personal assurance that he and his administration were working hard on a gun control agenda. Brady reported that Obama then told them about advancing the agenda "under the radar."
If they can take away any of our rights, they can take away all of our rights. First they came for...

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Prom Night in Kentucky

Tonight my son and daughter attended their high school prom, he for his last time as a high school student and she for her first. Handsome and beautiful. (And smart) If my son looks kind of big, it's because he is. (6' 3.5", 290 lbs of offensive lineman) He received a combination athletic/academic scholarship to play football and study at Georgetown College in Kentucky. I've been blessed with great kids.

My son, Alex, and his girlfriend, Cynthia.

My daughter, Julia, and her boyfriend, Ryan. She's about 6 feet tall when she wears heels. What happened to Daddy's little girl?! I can't believe my eyes.

Friday, May 13, 2011


(Stupid) High School Student Letter to Michele Bachmann

According to, a letter a New Jersey high school sophomore wrote to Michelle Bachmann "is making the rounds on political blogs." One of the items the article brings up that is supposedly erroneous is Bachmann's position on the census. Yet, the article linked to point out the Bachmann is correct, "So the Constitution itself does not contain any requirement, as Bachmann claims."

Then the student pulls the feminist gender war gambit.
As one of a handful of women in Congress, you hold a distinct privilege and responsibility to better represent your gender nationally. The statements you make help to serve an injustice to not only the position of Congresswoman, but women everywhere. Though politically expedient, incorrect comments cast a shadow on your person and by unfortunate proxy, both your supporters and detractors alike often generalize this shadow to women as a whole.
No Congressperson has a responsibility to represent their gender. A great deal of the problems in our country arise from that sort of balkanizing "protected class" thought. Congresspersons have a responsibility to act in the best interests of their constituents regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, etc and to do so within the framework of the Constitution and other laws.

Having a little high school College Bowl on The Constitution might be entertaining for some. But, knowledge of The Constitution is not necessarily an indicator of a desire or willingness to follow The Constitution as well illustrated by Barack Obama who taught constitutional law.

Of course, such impetuous actions are common by high school students. For obvious reasons (the MSM is terribly liberal), the media has decided this letter is a good weapon to use to attack Bachmann. Who's going to be mean to a little high school girl? Once again, we have liberals hiding behind a (young) woman's skirt.


Revisitng the Wild West Myth

Recently I completed the course required for concealed carry of a handgun for the state of Ohio. I don't plan to carry very often, mostly when I'm on bicycle rides and walking through rural country. My primary concern is wild animals or wild dogs that may attack.

Thinking about gun control issues, revisiting the Wild West is important. Opponents to concealed carry, etc like to espouse dire warnings about the Wild West erupting. However, the Wild West wasn't that wild (except in Hollywood movies).
In his book, Frontier Violence: Another Look, author W. Eugene Hollon, provides us with these astonishing facts:
  • In Abilene, Ellsworth, Wichita, Dodge City, and Caldwell, for the years from 1870 to 1885, there were only 45 total homicides. This equates to a rate of approximately 1 murder per 100,000 residents per year.
  • In Abilene, supposedly one of the wildest of the cow towns, not a single person was killed in 1869 or 1870.
Zooming forward over a century to 2007, a quick look at Uniform Crime Report statistics shows us the following regarding the aforementioned gun control “paradise” cities of the east:
  • DC – 183 Murders (31 per 100,000 residents)
  • New York – 494 Murders (6 per 100,000 residents)
  • Baltimore – 281 Murders (45 per 100,000 residents)
  • Newark – 104 Murders (37 per 100,000 residents)
We can only hope the Wild West returns.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


He Can Still Sing

During 1961, The Tokens hit #1 with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with its incredibly high notes. Incredibly, the guys can still sing.



I love this song but can't even pretend to be able to sing it.

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