Sunday, April 02, 2006


Boys, Boys, Boys,....

DrHelen has two recent posts regarding boys and young men.

One considers that a third of all men 22-34 are living at home. The other is regarding a discussion with Dr. Leonard Sax about unmotivated boys. The comments to these posts are also intriguing.

For the past 50 years our society has become increasingly hostile and unaccepting of all things male. Boys and young men hopefully grow up to be men. The problem now is that growing up to be a man doesn't appear to be all that great to many. And being a boy isn't necessarily that great either.

Medicating boys to control their behavior has become common. My 13 year old son recently sat through the the obligatory abusive men movie in school. The teacher did make the statement that women can be abusive too. Since the only bruises my son ever received from a parent were from his mother, he knows of this possibility.

"Real men" are ridiculed frequently. Take notice of how many TV commercials show a man some where in the commercial playing the fool while an ever suffering, enduring female displays sensibility. Many boys grow up without a significant relationship with their fathers because of divorce and the near automatic "kids go to the mother" custody decisions.

The examples are almost endless which raises a question. What did you expect to happen? Feminists, misguided (at best) liberals, mental health professions led our society down this road with no solid evidence of the outcome. In order to raise the feminine they felt it necessary to destroy the masculine. Did they expect something good to come out of this destruction?

If you read Aesop's Fables and other old or ancient writings they will tell you of the folly of trying to change something into something it isn't, such as the fable of the frog and the scorpion. (And please don't equate men with the scorpion.) Modern man is truly a conceited being, believing to be above the affects of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and the nature of their own species. To truly improve society one's biological nature must be positively integrated into the picture. Being a boy, a young man, and a man, being masculine is the biological nature of most males. Learn to appreciate it.

I'd hate to think it is a conspiracy, perhaps just the stupidity of folk that don't really know that words have consequences. Perhaps if enough men stand up, the others will sit down and shut up!

Good post
but when so many men are told that even if we do stand up for mens rights, we are somehow part of a patriarchal oppression group.

so even if we did stand up, we get punished and women get more power..

feminism isnt about equality, its about power. the power to control.

there are several mens rights sites..these are fathers rights too. they discuss a lot of this, sometimes in emotive language, but they made me think more about mens rights
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