Monday, April 17, 2006


Cincinnati Murder Rate Continues Upward

Black Activist Shot in Front of City Hall
Dies Three Days Later

12 people were murdered in Cincinnati in March alone, a pace that, if maintained, would nearly double the previous years murders. One of the most recent victims was General Kabaka Oba (Michael Bailey) of the Black Fist. He was shot outside of City Hall where he had just spoken to City Council. If you listen closely you can hear the gun shots in this video of the City Council meeting. While many of Kabaka Oba's opinions and actions were off the wall, he had a likeable quality to him. He often called in to local radio talk shows and would also appear as a guest on those same shows. He had a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself and the situation.

Ironically, Kabaka Oba was gunned down by another black man with whom he had been feuding for several years. While I agreed with Kabaka Oba on few issues, I mourn his loss and wish his family well.

I work a block from where the shooting occurred and could see the yellow police tape from the window close to my cubicle. Shootings this close to work definitely increase one's anxiety level. I frequently walk past the spot of the shooting to pick up a sandwich for lunch or to go to the library. I had walked by that spot the day before the shooting to get a new battery for my watch.

It was a pleasant, sunny, warm day. Several people, all black, gave me pleasant greetings. I went to a black owned jewelry store to get my watch battery. Everyone was friendly and smiling. I was feeling more up-beat about the city than I had in quite a while. Hopefully, the brighter, more up-beat city can find itself and continue upward.

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