Monday, April 10, 2006


Immigration Demonstrations

A few thoughts. I wonder if our Senators and Congresspeople will remember who they are supposed to represent - the citizens of this country or those of another country. We know where Ted Kennedy stands, illegal immigrants first and then a Scotch and water.

Flying the Mexican flag in protest is in no way the equivalent of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Greek Festivals, Octoberfest, etc. And, those who, such as the Mexica Movement, say portions of the southwestern United States should be returned to Mexico (the motherland) sound strangely reminiscent of a man in Europe 80 years ago.

Why do the protesters have such a hard time with the expectation of entering this country legally?

Without secure borders Homeland Security is a joke, which it pretty much is anyway. The Democrats are ready to crack down on law abiding citizens for taxes, gun control, etc. but if you're here illegally all is forgiven. The Democrats never saw a vote they didn't try to buy with your tax money.

Legal guest workers, no problem. Just make sure they are paid a legal wage, pay taxes and are cleared for legal entry.

Earlier today I had the thought that maybe Mexico should just become a U.S. territory similar Puerto Rico. We could go in an rid Mexico of its congenital corruption, help it develop its own economy, establish fair wages, and taxes would be paid by all.

Glenn Reynolds had similar idea.

illegal immigrants are by definition illegal. so why shoul the legal immigrants who do everything right, learn the culture, learn the languages, assimilate they are being effectively they are stupid for doing the RIGHT thing, when they should come over illegally.

theres a legal loophole in the southern states if an illegal can get across the river, and gives birth that kid is automatically and american citizen, which means the mother is one too, which mean, everyone can come in.

its the illegals that dont work, that expect the system to support them, they are the problems..
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