Saturday, March 10, 2012


The "Success" of Obama's Economic Recovery Plan

A little over three years ago, the Obama administration released document outlining the dire future of the economy if their economic plan wasn't adopted. The document included the chart below without the notes in orange.


Saturday, March 03, 2012


Deadly Tornadoes Hit Area

Severe storm and tornado warning seldom deliver the deadly punch they could. In the area surrounding Cincinnati, today was that seldom day. Yesterday, I noticed that severe storms and tornadoes were possible for today. No worry, these predictions come at least a dozen times a year. Today the weatherman was right.

I tracked the storms via the Internet at work. As the storms intensified the weatherman on the full-time coverage I was watching kept referring the this tornado in Indiana, and another in Kentucky, plus a couple in Ohio. I thought he was exaggerating. He wasn't.

Tornadoes possibly destroyed the towns of McHenryville and Marysville in Indiana. A tornado tore a northeasterly path through three counties in Kentucky before crossing the Ohio River, putting the Zimmer Power Plant out of commission and destroying Moscow, OH, a small community I frequently drive through on my way to work and back. The high tension lines from the power plant are in the Ohio River.

On my way home on Rt. 9 in Kentucky, my way was blocked by a semi that had felt the wrath of this tornado. As I took this picture, the rescuers were feverishly working the extricate the driver pinned inside the truck. As virtually every road on the Kentucky side was blocked by trees, debris or vehicles, I was forced to backtrack and cross into Ohio to get home. My normally long 60 mile trip turned into 110 miles and 3 hours.

Listening to the radio, I heard people call with stories of heroism and heartbreak. A man in Indiana rescued a baby in a car just as the tornado hit. A teenager from Moscow called and said he was walking home from school and saw his house collapse killing his parents. (I have not verification of these stories, but later you can listen to the podcast of the radio show once it's posted. Several counties in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio were hit by the tornados, one approximately 10 miles from my house. Cincinnati proper seems to have escaped unscathed.

Please keep the victims in your prayers and thoughts.

Semi blown over in Pendleton County, KY on Hwy. 9 with emergency workers trying to extricate the driver who is trapped in the cab by the guard rail.

Heavily damaged house a couple of hundred yards from the semi and on the other side of the highway. Several other completely destroyed houses were visible to the left of this house in the distance.

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