Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Forces working against males

Here are some links that outline some of the problems males in the USA face due to too great a focus on the "rights" of women. College is becoming less of an option with enrollment for males continually decreasing in undergraduate programs as well as medical schools and law schools. Lack of education will greatly hurt the career outlook for more and more males which will eventually create a greater number of lower class males that there ever were of females because there is no social imperative for males to be supported by a spouse as there is for females to be supported.

Government makes it hard for fathers to be fathers in many divorce situations. Women can lie about who the father of a child is and the man has to pay even after he discovers he is not the actual father of the child. Or in at least one case, are forced to pay $20,000 in child support for a child that does not exist. Think you are safe from paying child support as a sperm donor? Don't be on it. Even sperm donors are being asked to pa

My oldest daughter is 34 years old and in her second marriage. Her family consists of his, hers and ours. Her husband has full physical custody of his son from his first marriage. He long ago gave up trying to collect child support as the mother was seldomed employed, didn't pay when she had money, etc. although she was from an upper middle class background and usually lived with her parents.
While the non-custodial was at the welfare office to collect welfare, the welfare workers asked her if she had any children. Yes, she did she told them. Did the father pay child support? No, he didn't she told them. No one bothered to ask or check regarding who had custody. The welfare people immediately go after my son-in-law to pay child support on a child he has full custody of!!
After $1500 in legal fees, etc. my daughter thinks to call her aunt who is a high ranking attorney in the state government. In the next court appearance the state's attorneys were literally begging the judge to drop the case. But the actions of the state show extreme incompetence and prejudice on the part of the state workers. Would this have been tolerated if the defendant had been female instead of male? Also, child custody so frequently is given to mothers that the workers apparently couldn't even conceive that a father would have full custody of his child.

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