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The Gor(e)y Details

Surely, anyone reading this post has read the gor(e)y details of Al Gore's "documentary" winning the Oscar and the blog storm that ensued divulging Gore's own gross negligence in protecting the environment and staving off global warming. I decided to round up some posts and links for ease of access and posterity.

The Anchoress provides some of my favorite comments and links:

I start with this post before the Oscars because this anecdote portrays the beyond rational science onto religious belief that the global warming cult has become.
He was at some environmental forum, and he said, “How many people here believe that the earth is increasingly polluted and that our natural resources are being exhausted?” Naturally, every hand shot up. He said, “Is there any evidence that could dissuade you?” Nothing. Again: “Is there any evidence I could give you — anything at all — that would lead you to reconsider these assumptions?” Not a stir. Simon then said, “Well, excuse me, I’m not dressed for church.”
Amen, brother.

More via The Anchoress:

A link to the harmful effects of the planned Al Gore's globe-trotting global warming concert tour. Details such as, "The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than the entire nation of Afghanistan produces in a year."

Al Gore's energy sucking, carbon producing home.
...according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (via Hot Air):

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh—more than 20 times the national average.

I found the statements below interesting:
Also, Al Gore said last night that “this issue is not a political issue, it’s a moral issue”


(From Gore's people) "Gore has had a consistent position of purchasing carbon offsets to offset the family’s carbon footprint — a concept the right-wing fails to understand. "
If it's not a political issue then why are they making a political reference by referring to the right-wing. For the sake of the world and the human race can't they raise above this pettiness?

A great quote from Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit "THE LONELINESS OF JOE LIEBERMAN. But at least he’s not struggling to come up with a position. I guess that’s the difference between knowing what you believe, and trying to figure out what will sell."

Read much more plus links from The Anchoress here including Gore's performing the religious practice of buying carbon footprint indulgences and how President Bush's Crawford ranch is much more ecology friendly than Gore's residence.

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, has been on a feeding frenzy like I haven't seen before.

Links and comments:

Carbon offsets (Gore's form of religious indulgences.)

This link is a must. Gore, hypocrisy and Gulfstream liberals.

The global warming hypocrisy of Feinstein and Schwarzenegger.

One of Gore's neighbors disputes Gore's claims of carbon neutrality.

And, My favorite for its elitist, the rich and powerful are different and deserve more than the rest of us theme. Instapundit quotes A C Kleinheider, "Al Gore is not the average American. He comes from power and money and he has achieved power and money in his own right.

Al Gore lives a life different from most folks. I'm not one to defend elitism, not as a matter of practice, but some elitism is inevitable." Yeah, right, so we're supposed to sit back and take it.... I'm sure Gore is very elitist. Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks he is the savior of the world for that is the throne to which he is pretending.

GM Roper gets in on the act.
Your Talk Talks,
And Your Walk Talks;
But Your Walk Talks LOUDER
Than Your Talk Talks!

Plus, an inconvenient truth from Jon Stewart: ""If any of you at home are wondering about the former vice president's seeming largess, I will have you know, he has not gained weight. He is so passionate about saving this Earth, he is trying not to exhale. ... Here's an inconvenient truth: cake isn't a food group."

Watch this for more from Jon Stewart. Past the halfway mark, he rips Hollywood's ecological hypocrisy, the "green" Academy Awards ceremony, an exercise in "conspicuous consumption", and quite effectively. He uses phrases such as "decadent wasteland" and "steals its water."

More on Gore's energy use from The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Chimpanzees with Spears: Another Threat to Humanity?

I had always thought that most, if not all, of the great apes were vegetarian. Now, it turns out that chimpanzees make and use spears for killing smaller primates to eat.
Chimpanzees in Senegal have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates, according to a study in the journal Current Biology.

Researchers documented 22 cases of chimps fashioning tools to jab at smaller primates sheltering in cavities of hollow branches or tree trunks.
Perhaps, "Planet of the Apes" is more prophetic than I thought. This also brings up the question, "What will destroy the human race first, global warming or armed apes?


Father of the Week

WLW radio in Cincinnati ranks as one of the greatest, most listened to stations in the entire USA. My father listened to it when he was a child in the late Twenties and Thirties. The opportunity to be a talk show host at WLW during the prime time hours is the stuff dreams are made of, except for Tom Gamble.

Since last November, Tom Gamble has hosted "Sports Talk" from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. With Cincinnati having the world's oldest professional baseball team, a professional football team plus plenty of college and high school sports, "Sports Talk" ranks tops among the radio sports shows in the region. One would probably have to go to Chicago, New York or L.A. to find a higher ranking radio sports show and a more prestigious job for a sports show host.

But Tom Gamble chose his family.
Gamble, 43, walked away from a three-year deal to replace Furman on "SportsTalk" (6-9 p.m.) and the Reds postgame "Extra Innings" show.

Gamble said family considerations were foremost.

"If I were to take the job, it wouldn't be for just three years, but for 20 years," said Gamble, who lives in Burlington with his wife, Lori, and sons Matthew, 8, Michael, 6, and Nathan, 11/2.

"And 10 to 15 years from now, I'd look back and realize I wasn't there for my family through their entire high school years. I want to be an active participant in their lives."
Good for Tom.

Tom's family won't be hurting financially. His sources of income include:
full-time job as a Northern Kentucky University business instructor, ... organizing the annual Skyline Chili Crosstown Showdown high school football event.

He teaches and administers the NKU sports business major program he created five years ago.
But he has his evenings to spend with his kids and wife. I like his priorities.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Presidential Poll

Who do you support for President in 2008? Pedro!!
Who do you support for President of the United States in 2008?
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Rudy Giuliani
Hillary Clinton
Barak Obama
John Edwards free polls

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Rebuke of Bush in Iraq

The House rebuked Bush's plan for the troop surge and the Senate, for the moment, has failed to do so. My largest apprehension in voting for Bush in 2000 was that he would find a reason to invade Iraq to finish his father's war. 9/11 gave him an easy reason.

At the time Congress overwhelmingly supported the invasion. Now that it has cost real lives and lasted longer than a mini-series, multitudes have changed their position. If a person honestly changes their position on an issue, I have no problem with it. The question is, "Do politicians ever honestly change their positions?"

For several years now Democrats have screamed that they were mislead, didn't have good information, etc. I don't buy it. Additionally, if they are so easily mislead, they don't need to be in positions of leadership because then the positions become positions of misleadership.

The resolutions are misleadership. "What to do in Iraq" is a legitimate and serious question. I believe the Bush administration grossly underestimated the culture of violence and how acceptance of death and fighting many in the Mid-East. But public statements by Congress that bring potential harm or death to our troops are ill advised.

Insurgents and terrorists will be encouraged and emboldened by the House's action. They know they only have to hang on a little while longer and victory is theirs without winning a single battle.

While the Democrats, and a few Republicans, bemoan the death and dying, their actions may well bring about more. How nice it would have been if our politicians could work together, in a way that does not further endanger us and damage our country, to find solution to this problem.

But, on the other hand, it's all about showboating for the next presidential election. Congress doesn't care if millions of illegal immigrants enter our country, taking over property and jobs that would belong to legal citizens. Why should they care if a few more troops die or we are more susceptible to terrorist attacks.


Meet Al Franken

Driving home from work, I heard Sean Hannity play a bit from Al Franken's Senate campaign announcement which Hannity labeled incredibly narcissistic. Having to see for myself, I went to Franken's website. What I found was worse than I expected.

Click on the Meet Al label and you'll encounter a family history that goes back two generations. Al is a funny guy, quite witty and intelligent. But maybe he is just a little narcissistic too.

The other obvious thing about Franken's site is the complete lack of position statements. Nowhere to be found.

I wonder what Al's chances are. In a state that elected Jesse Ventura governor, you can't rule out anything.

Al does have an extensive post of his USO tours. Franken's done six tours, four of them in Iraq, and I must commend him for that. But I found some of his pictures, in particular, unintentionally humorous.

How out of place does Al look in this picture? Is this a scene from a bad Pauly Shore movie? Al looks like the comedian that he is, not a serious candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Here Al plants a big kiss on Traylor Howard of "Monk" fame. Doesn't this look eerily reminiscent of another Al kissing someone on stage? Is this a trait of Als or liberals?

However, the more I look at his site, the more I do believe Al is incurably narcissistic, just like many other celebrities and politicians.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Governor of Ohio: No Iraqis Here!

At least I can say I didn't vote for Ted Strickland. I wonder if any Democrats are cognizant enough to be embarrassed by Strickland's reaction to Bush's plan to relocate 7,000 Iraqis in the U.S.
Strickland, a Democrat who opposed the war as a U.S. House member, said Ohioans cannot be expected to have open arms for Iraqis displaced by the war. More than 100 Ohioans have been killed since the war began.

"I think Ohio and Ohioans have contributed a lot to Iraq in terms of blood, sweat and too many tears," Strickland said. "I am sympathetic to the plight of the innocent Iraqi people who have fled that country. However, I would not want to ask Ohioans to accept a greater burden than they already have borne for the Bush administration's failed policies."
That's what I love so much about Democrats and the left in general, their compassion.

I wonder what is Strickland's position on illegal immigrants.


Left Attacks Freedom of Speech - Again

Found this mind blowing post at Stop the ACLU.
Attorneys Scott Lively and Richard D. Ackerman will be arguing the case before the Ninth Circuit on behalf of an African-American Christian woman who was threatened with termination at her job with the City of Oakland. The City of Oakland claims that references to the “natural family, marriage and family values” constitute hate speech which is scary to city workers….
Yep, the words "natural family" constitute hate speech. I wonder what the ruling is regarding "biological family." It makes me want to drive through L.A. screaming, "I'm heterosexual!" If this weren't for real, the absurdity would make it beyond belief.

The Fairness Doctrine, PC speech, ad nauseam, the left cares nothing about freedom of speech only their totalitarian goals. Yet, they dare call others "fascist Nazis" and such. Of course, that's part of the game to suppress their opponents.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Dream World

What we'll have to look forward to if Al Gore has his way.

More here.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Global Warming: Impending Disaster or Power Grab

UPDATE: Rudy Giuliani shares some of the same thoughts as I have concerning global warming. Why is it such a big debate when the "remedies" are the same actions and environmentally conscious person would undertake. Answer below.
Hat tip to Instapundit

Studying and understanding human motivation provides a great challenge for millions of psychologists, social workers, managers, sales people and many others. Motivating factors sometimes are incredibly simple and other times tremendously complex. I'll just look at the simpler more obvious motivators.

The level of rhetoric and vitriol on the part of global warming alarmists leads me to believe that there is much more at play here than the dangers of climate change. Why does Ellen Goodman make the ludicrous and ridiculous claim that "that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers..." Yes, to Ellen Goodman, not accepting her version of the global warming disaster to come is the equivalent to denying the brutal murders of 6 million Jews.

What is it about global warming that works Al Gore in to a spewing verbal outrage? Why do so many follow him in lockstep?

The president of the Czech Republic thinks Al Gore may be mentally unbalanced. I might concur with that evaluation. But why are Gore and others so vociferously adamant about global warming? The answer probably lies in human motivators.

Some of the most common motivators are money, lust, love, power, fear and such. You can easily discern a person's motivators by observing how and what they do. People who are motivated by money generally enter careers that enable one to amass large fortunes. Donald Trump comes to mind as a person primarily motivated by money. But what motivates a politician? Power.

While successful politicians usually make a better than average income, even the most successful of politicians earn paychecks that fall far short of many business and professional people. I believe it is safe to say that the CEO of the small company I work for earns more than the President of the U.S., not counting perks. Many college sports coaches enjoy much greater incomes than George W. But the President gets to be "the most powerful man in the world", as the president is commonly called.

Politicians are motivated by power, not money. And, power means being able to control other people, like you and me. Al Gore, the son of a U.S. Senator, has virtually been a politician his entire life. Perhaps, he seeks to "surpass" his father's accomplishments. Perhaps, he is bitter inside at the abrupt end to his father's political career at the hands of the Republicans. (Afterwards, Al, Sr. "resumed the practice of law with Occidental Petroleum Company and became vice president and member of the board of directors..." (emphasis added) How interesting!) Whatever the underlying reason, Al, Jr. seeks power.

Unfortunately, Al Gore failed in his attempt to become the most powerful man in the world. Mr. Gore's bitterness, and that of his supporters, is still evident in how they still insist that the election was stolen. You see, Mr. Gore's supporters desire power also but are willing to limit their lust for power by supporting someone with whom they closely identify in political and social belief.

Mr. Gore has latched onto global warming as a device with which to gain power. Not being able to convince an adequate number of people to vote for him, he resorts to fear tactics by predicting the end of the world as we know it if we don't heed his warnings. New York will be under water and the Gulf Coast will reach somewhere near Memphis.

However, Mr. Gore, none of his supporters that I know personally, and few of his publicly visible supporters behave in such a manner consist with what they say is needed to save Mother Earth. Small energy efficient homes, gas-sipping cars, etc. are as rare with the global alarmists as with the general population. Personally, I lead one of the most energy efficient lifestyles of anyone I know, and I'm not even trying. I'm just cheap. I don't like and can ill afford to spend money on gasoline, electricity and natural gas beyond the near minimum.

But, so far, raising the specter of global warming shows itself to be an effective tactic in gaining power over others. Meteorologists have much trouble with 24 weather forecasts. I have difficulty believing they can predict 50 or 100 years down the road with the certainty they claim. Additionally, the "remedies" for potential global warming are the same actions any reasonably responsible, environmentally concerned person would take, conserve energy, recycle, etc. Which, again, there is no significant sign that Al Gore does such things but rather rants and raves.

In a world in which more and more people are bent on controlling others by smoking bans, outlawing trans fatty acids, forbidding cellphone use in cars, criminalizing spanking your children, I am hostile to any efforts to further invade our lives and control our every action. Many like to harshly criticize rich people and rich corporations but the real threats come from the power and control freaks, a group of which Al Gore is a member.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Global Warming: The Debate Is Over!!

Global warming is fact. It is time for action, not rational scientific debate. We must act now to save the Earth! Some seem to think that we should proceed with caution given that it "could cost us, according to a U.N. estimate, $553 trillion over this century."

What price can you put on a planet? $554 trillion? Earth is the only choice we have. Mars is too cold and dry. Those who doubt global warming must be silenced. It doesn't matter that there isn't a consensus on global warming.

I have a few suggestions (rules to be followed without question upon fear of...), first, we mush live in smaller houses. My house is about 1,600 square feet with 3 bedrooms, two full baths, eat-in kitchen, laundry room, family room and living room. It suits myself and 3 of children quite well. Therefore, 1000 square feet maximum will be allotted for common living areas in each residence and 100 square feet per person for sleeping quarters, etc. Childless couples would be limited to 1200 square feet residences.

House require a lot of material for construction. Producing this material, through energy use, creates CO2 gas through the burning of coal for electricity and transportation fuels. Heating and cooling houses also requires much energy, thus creating more greenhouse gases. Smaller houses use less energy.

Vehicles mush also become much smaller and less efficient for similar reasons. Recreational use of fuels will be forbidden, no power boating, no snow mobiles, no dirt bikes or four wheelers. We must save the world.

Indeed, we must quit eating beef and drinking milk because cow farts contribute to global warming. (I wonder if goats are OK.)

This is only scratching the surface of the changes we must undertake.

But, of course, we must take care of our ruling class. Some need 28,200 square feet of living space in order to perform their duties. Others, may need several mansions in order to fulfill their duties. Other rulers need "two properties: a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, and a 4,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Va. (He also has a third home in Carthage, Tenn.)" The third home also helps provide much funds to help save the planet, it sits "on a zinc mine. Gore receives $20,000 a year in royalties from Pasminco Zinc, which operates a zinc concession on his property. Tennessee has cited the company for adding large quantities of barium, iron and zinc to the nearby Caney Fork River."

Some of our rulers need "jumbo jet that costs $22,000 an hour to operate" in order to be effective. Even though a smaller jet would still emit "something like 10,000 lbs of C02 per hour", our rulers need the best.

Yes, we may be moving back towards a modern version of the feudal system where the bulk of us, especially the middle class, work to support our wealthy rulers. In return, they protect us, except from illegal immigration and terrorists, i.e. mostly imagined threats, such as global warming. But don't complain, we must change the way we live in order to save the Earth.

Of course, we could take more reasonable approach. But, what fun would that be?


Rabbi Marvin Hier Is Wrong About Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter and Rabbi Marvin Hier have exchanged letters of disagreement over Carter's book. Rabbi Hier has it ALL wrong.

Hier states:
No country, including our own, the United States of America, would act any differently. If we faced such attacks from our neighbors on a daily basis, we would be the first to put up a security fence.

We would consort with dictators that hate the U.S. We would support terrorist leaders.

Not only would we not put up a fence, we would confiscate the property of anyone trying to stop the trespassers and give it to them (the trespassers). We would arrest and imprison and allow to be beaten anyone trying to stop infiltrators.

Yes, Rabbi Hier, we hate our own country so much that we invite its destruction. Why should we expect anything different of Israel?

Sunday, February 04, 2007


A Man's Job: Keeping Women Happy

Writing in the UK Telegraph, "I'll tell you why women are running out of men to marry"Boris Johnson begins with this jewel.
I was half asleep in the front seat the other day, coming back from some exhausting tour of an educational establishment, and in the back seat were two twentysomething female graduates. They were talking about men, so I tried to focus, while keeping my eyes cunningly half closed.

One of them made the eternal feminine complaint. "All men are useless these days," she said. "Yeah," said the other. "The trouble is that they haven't risen to the challenge of feminism. They don't understand that we need them to be more masculine, and instead they have just copped out."

I am afraid that, at this point, I copped out myself, and slid into unconsciousness. But before I went under I thought, hmmm, this is interesting; and I think back to that conversation as I read that women continue their astonishing dominance of university admissions.
Johnson continues on elaborately analysing why women are running out of men in this opinion piece.

Johnson wouldn't have enough copy to fill his allotted space but he could have easily narrowed down the problem to this "They don't understand that we need..." All to often that seems to be the crux of the problem of the problems between males and females. It's all about what the female "needs" or "wants." Every female has become the princess in the "Princess and the pea" fairy tale and males are supposed to run around trying to relieve every discomfort and please the female in every way.

Sorry, Ladies, I'd rather go fishing.

Hat tip to Instapundit

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