Saturday, November 01, 2008


Oil Company Conspiracy

In the general area of Deerfield, Ohio, to the northeast of Cincinnati, today I saw gas for $1.94 a gallon for regular. I haven't heard any lefties screaming about the big, bad oil companies. Seems the lefties flit from subject to subject crying and wailing about how bad this or that corporation is. Actually understanding market forces seems beyond them.

I suppose for lefties to be happy all companies must be not-for-profit with wage controls for all executives while delivering the highest quality goods and services. Ain't gonna happen.

The picture is grainy because it was taken with my cell phone.

I have a 401K plan, among other investments. I AM Exxon.

Lefties could be too.
They sure could be. But they'd rather whine and complain that somebody else is rich.
I haven't heard any lefties screaming about the big, bad oil companies.

Then you haven't been paying attention.

High gas prices are a conspiracy to make the oil companies rich.

Low gas prices are a conspiracy to make people drive more which makes the oil companies rich.

You. Can't. Win.
dadvocate - which is really funny when you look at those Leftisits in power. I don't exactly see any paupers in the group. I do have to wonder, if Obama is elected tomorrow, and implements the redistribution, will members of congress be exempt? Or will he and Kennedy and Pelosi and Reid etc. all have to pony up their money?

Somehow, I doubt they will get hit very hard.

I do have to wonder if he is pushing this out of some misplaced sense of guilt, since conservatives give more to charitable causes?
wolfboy69 - I've heard the guilt theory before. There could be a lot of truth to it. And, you're right, there is a lot of money on the Democratic side, Kennedys, Kerry, Pelosi, etc. Gore ain't exactly poor.

Yet I don't see them sharing a lot of it.
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