Thursday, November 27, 2008


The End of Football Season

Last week my son's team lost in overtime, 26-20, signaling the end of football games I actually care about this season. I'll watch more games on TV because I love to watch football but I won't really care about the outcome. My beloved University of Tennessee Volunteers are having such a miserable season, I rooted for Vanderbilt last week. Go Commode Doors!!

My son started on defense and played well. He had his share of tackles. I am proud of his accomplishments this year. He started the season still recovering from avulsion fracture of the pelvis and missed the first two games.

When he returned to action, he initially played mostly offensive tackle. Because of his size and strength, he slowly migrated to defensive tackle where his team needed him most. His last couple of games he looked to be back up to full speed. He came off the line quicker and looked a step faster than he had been. He performed very well for a 15 year old boy, albeit a 6'3", 250 lb. boy, going up against others as old as 18 and 19 years.

My son's team as a whole exceeded expectations. They recorded a first by beating a rival on the rival's home turf for the first time. Their 8-2 regular season record was better than anyone predicted. As has become customary, the seniors on the team provided superb leadership.

The future looks bright for the remaining team members (those who don't graduate). The starting quarterback returns along with some excellent running backs and receivers. The line should actually improve as my son and several other underclassmen have excellent potential and greater size than most of the graduating linemen.

Two days after the loss, my son was in the YMCA lifting weights (at his own request), preparing for next year. I was in there with him, getting a little exercise and giving lots of encouragement.

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