Saturday, February 17, 2007


Meet Al Franken

Driving home from work, I heard Sean Hannity play a bit from Al Franken's Senate campaign announcement which Hannity labeled incredibly narcissistic. Having to see for myself, I went to Franken's website. What I found was worse than I expected.

Click on the Meet Al label and you'll encounter a family history that goes back two generations. Al is a funny guy, quite witty and intelligent. But maybe he is just a little narcissistic too.

The other obvious thing about Franken's site is the complete lack of position statements. Nowhere to be found.

I wonder what Al's chances are. In a state that elected Jesse Ventura governor, you can't rule out anything.

Al does have an extensive post of his USO tours. Franken's done six tours, four of them in Iraq, and I must commend him for that. But I found some of his pictures, in particular, unintentionally humorous.

How out of place does Al look in this picture? Is this a scene from a bad Pauly Shore movie? Al looks like the comedian that he is, not a serious candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Here Al plants a big kiss on Traylor Howard of "Monk" fame. Doesn't this look eerily reminiscent of another Al kissing someone on stage? Is this a trait of Als or liberals?

However, the more I look at his site, the more I do believe Al is incurably narcissistic, just like many other celebrities and politicians.

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