Sunday, November 11, 2012


10 and 0, 4 to Go

My son's football team, the venerable Georgetown Tigers, won today against a feisty opponent UVA-Wise. This makes two consecutive undefeated regular seasons for them. ( This isn't any thing new for the coach. This is the third time he's done that, plus two NAIA national championships.)

My son, a sophomore, snaps on extra points and fields goals and had as good a day as you can expect anyone to have at that. Every snap on the spot and laces up. Next year he plans to start on the offensive line.

The team begins play-offs next Saturday and if they can win four more they're national champs again. They have a sometimes stingy defense and a high powered offense. They scored 77 points on two different occasions and average 47.8 points a game. The team's strongest points are good talent in every position, excellent coaches (the head coach and 3 of his assistants have been together for over 150 victories. Another assistant has been there all victories too, but the first three years were as a player.), and an excellent strength and conditioning program.

In many games, they simply wear the other team down, which was the case today. My son's level of conditioning amazes me. It's hard to believe how big, strong, quick and fast he's gotten. Reminds me of why I played basketball instead of football. He's 100 pounds heavier and just as fast or faster as I was at that age.

The other thing that amazes me is how much time and effort these guys put into the sport. The only day they don't practice, condition, or play is Monday. On the days they condition at 7:30 AM, they still practice in the afternoon. Georgetown is a school with high academic standards which makes it doubly tough. But, that's the larger point in going to college. Football enables my son to attend an expensive, academically respected school that he otherwise couldn't afford. That makes all the work worth it.

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