Friday, November 23, 2012


Costello Needs an Abbott

Fighting and bickering between news agencies, on air and otherwise, generally bores me to tears. It's news agencies not reporting news, but simply trying to make the competition look bad. The other day, Carol Costello out did herself.

Costello is the only TV/News person I follow on Facebook. I follow her because one day I wanted to comment on a post of her's and never bothered to unfollow. If I've ever watched her on CNN, I can't remember when. But, the other day, she decided to make a Facebook post about how horrible it was that Fox News was running a story about Twinkies when there bus bombing in Israel. She doesn't seem to remember she had posted about cooking turkey 11 minutes earlier.

According to commenters at the post, It also turns out Fox News covered the bus bombing before CNN. (No one contradicted this claim.) I think we all know that the only reason Carol is on TV is because of her pretty face, nice bod and good diction. I wonder how many of the Facebook posts Carol makes herself.

Carol, if you don't have any real news to talk about, talk about delicious confections, rather than draw attention to you competitor who trounces you in the ratings, and avoid looking like a complete idiot.

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