Saturday, May 14, 2011


Prom Night in Kentucky

Tonight my son and daughter attended their high school prom, he for his last time as a high school student and she for her first. Handsome and beautiful. (And smart) If my son looks kind of big, it's because he is. (6' 3.5", 290 lbs of offensive lineman) He received a combination athletic/academic scholarship to play football and study at Georgetown College in Kentucky. I've been blessed with great kids.

My son, Alex, and his girlfriend, Cynthia.

My daughter, Julia, and her boyfriend, Ryan. She's about 6 feet tall when she wears heels. What happened to Daddy's little girl?! I can't believe my eyes.

A friendly reminder - under Ohio Revised Code you can only bag one of your daughter's boyfriends, as long as the head is mounted tastefully above the fireplace.
Hahahaha!! This one's pretty nice. I'll wait and keep my option open for future ones.
Congratulations! (Twice removed Instalanche :)!
Beautiful kids, all of them.

We're looking at the faces of the future right there.

Thanks for linking. I'm not around young people enough, and the older ones (and their mentalities) are kinda starting to bring me down...

You can see the ambition and optimism in all of them. Keep it up, kids. We need you now more than ever!
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