Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Congratulations, You're Gay!!

Rick Welts, CEO of the NBA team Phoenix Suns, came out some time this past week or so and stated he is gay. As Instapundit recently said, "Who’s next — Elton John?"

Eliot Spitzer on CNN starts the interview with Welts, "Welcome. Congratulations. So why now?". Congratulations? According to the official propaganda, if you gay you gay, if your not your not. Should we start congratulating everyone whenever they declare their sexual orientation? Perhaps have coming out parties for gays, heterosexuals, bisexuals, etc.

Apparently CNN thought that the "Congratulations" was a little weird. They cut it out of the beginning of the interview. Welts seems like a good guy but he brings up a "conspiracy of silence." What's a person to do? No one makes any comments about his sexual orientation, but, if they suspect/know it, just go on with life. And, that is given a negative connotation by Welts. Maybe he needs a little pat on the head and an, "It's OK that you're gay." Grow up. Some people are not going to like you no matter what.

I'm weary of the perpetual coming out parties held by the MSM. Get over it. There's lots of gay people out there. But, like the race issue, the MSM seems determined to keep the issue alive and drive a wedge between people.

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