Saturday, August 23, 2008


Misandry Marches On

This past week in Knoxville, TN, the town where I grew up, a student shot and killed another student. Both were male. The killer was black, the victim white. The shooting was apparently personal and not random.

Katie Allison Granju, blogger at, wrote a terribly insightful piece, "Teenage boys are stupid."

I can see Granju hasn't matured since pre-school when she first had to put up with yucky boys. Granju could have chosen to insult blacks because blacks commit murder at at rate more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites". Of course, by doing so she probably would have picked up her last paycheck very soon. But insult males, no problem.

Granju is now trying to back off on her comments, i.e. explain herself.
First of all, I am the mother of a teenage boy, a teenage girl, and two younger children. So there's some context for you.
Yippee! You have a teenage boy. That doesn't make you a good mom or any less of a misandrist. For all I know Granju may be raising her son in misery. I learned over the years that when someone starts off with "First of all..." or "To begin with..." that they're trying to take an authoritarian approach and you dare not question them.

This reminds me when my liberal mother tried to explain to me that legal discrimination against me and all other white males was OK. I am also reminded of my Thanksgiving dinner at my liberal sister's house. (In this anecdote, Mary is my sister.)

The perception of misandrists is so heavily tinted that nearly any incident is interpreted as an opportunity to insult men. This Associated Press article on Obama's vice presidential choice uses the common phrase "white male club." In liberal, misandric parlance "white male" ranks as a strong pejorative. Tossing out the phrase "white males," "old white men," "angry white man," etc. invalidates any concerns, rights, needs these white males may have.

The prejudice against white males has grown so strong in our society that most barely blink an eye when witnessing it. People walk on egg shells fearing the slightest comment insulting minorities or women will cost them their job, a la Larry Summers. But, insult white males, no problem.

Boys are under performing in schools and over medicated.
At last June's graduation at Franklin High School just outside of Milwaukee, three of the four students who tied for valedictorian were girls. Among the National Honor Society members, 76% were girls. And girls comprised 85% of the students on Franklin's 4.0 honor roll.
the skewed performances by gender at Franklin pretty much mirror the imbalances across the state — and the nation.
...many educators merely advocate prescribing more attention-focusing Ritalin for the boys, who receive the drug at four to eight times the rate of girls,...
One reason boys are losing academic ground to girls appears linked to a shift by schools to more word-based learning for which girls' brains are believed to have an advantage. Over the years, even math problems have become more word oriented, according to education researchers. But because schools are doing little to help boys adjust, males risk becoming second-class academic citizens. Already the academic success girls enjoy in high school translates into more college acceptances — 56% of the students on campuses are female.
And so it goes.

Who cares? Very few it appears.

Hat tip: Instapundit

UPDATE: More thoughts HERE and at DrHelen (At least a couple of women get it.)

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