Friday, July 01, 2005


How Liberals Think

This portion will be updated as more anecdotes become available

July 27 Randi Rhodes and the "Struggle" against terrorism
Air America talk show host seems to think that using the word "struggle" makes you a Hitler wanta be. On her show today she pointed out that "struggle" in German is "kampf" as in "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. Thus President Bush's use of the term "struggle", as in "a global struggle against the enemies of freedom" makes Bush the equivalent of Hitler.
Put "struggle" on your list of words forbidden by the left. This brings out the truth of Godwin's Law.

July 20 Blog Closes Unexpectedly - The blog referred to below unexpectedly closed down yesterday. No explanation was given other than it was "too much like work and not so much fun." As he had recently done interviews with local politicians and just two days before he had posted and lengthy post critizing President Bush and virtually anyone associated with him, the closing of the blog was a surprise!!

I am actually sad to see this blog close. Open discussion of ideas and the possibilty of converting a liberal or two is important. The blogger had operated under "psuedo-anonymity" for several years until he recently outed himself after threats to be outed by a local tabloid publisher.

"Psuedo-anonymity" is used because at times he included pictures of his wife in the galleries. Excellent photography by the way. Other writings, comments and photography would have allowed someone who knew him fairly well or maybe gone to high school with him to ascertain his identity. Maybe he didn't really want to be anonymous but wanted some recognition for his efforts and it all backfired on him. We'll probably never know for sure.

July 13 Concerning religious freedom and separation of church and state - Here is a moderately liberal blog that interests me because of the comments people post there. The liberals are almost always angry and vehement. Their disdain of almost anything resembling Christianity is obvious as can be seen in the comments for the "How to get tax exempt status for your theme park" post.

The story is that of a religious run theme park in Florida won a court fight to have tax-exempt status. Considering that the blogger is in Tennessee and even bothered to post this indicates his disdain. The blogger also states the theme park was given "exempt status as a church" but leaves out the full story. The referenced story ran in the Chicago Tribune newspaper and state the theme park was given "same tax-exempt status given to churches and museums."

It appears they are all for separation of church and state as long as it means limiting church. Additionally, it appears the libs only support religious freedom if it fits into their definition of what religion should be which, in my observation, is practiced only in private and forbidden from almost any form of public expression nor should one actually practice their religious precepts in everyday life.

BTW - post a comment disagreeing with the blogger and see if it gets removed.

Based on personal experience, this little story gives some insight into the perception of a liberal as tainted by her erroneous beliefs.

The setting is a Thanksgiving dinner for the extended at the house of a childless liberal couple who have done quite well financially, i.e. nice house. We'll call them Ralph and Mary. This gathering is for Mary's side of the family.

Mary's two brothers show up with offspring: 11 year old nephew, adult nephew, 18 year old neice and her boyfriend, and the 4 year old grandson of one of the brothers. Mary's unmarried sister attends plus her elderly parents.

The two brothers bring several dishes a piece that they prepared. The adult son had also helped prepare some of the dishes. The 11 year old boy brought "Little Smokies" and Pillsbury crescent roll dough. At the house he fixes his brand of Pigs in a Blanket. The kitchen is part of great room that includes the living room area.

At a moment when most of the food was ready but the group wasn't quite ready to sit at the table, the males migrate to the couch and chairs to relax. The women continue to stand in the kitchen area and chat, all the preparation is done except for some warming up of items. Mary then gathers eveyone's attention to make an announcement which goes something like this: "Eveybody look! Everybody look! Look how sexist this is! All the men are in the living room and all the women are in the kitchen. Isn't that sexist?"

Using the tunnel vision that enables one to only see what one wants to see, Mary managed to ignore the shared food preparation efforts and other efforts by the males and sieze upon the 3-5 minute span that appearred sexist of a 3-4 hour gathering. Too bad she missed the rest of the fun but when you are focused on one thing you miss out on the other stuff.

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