Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Who's Funny Now?

On Feb. 14, 2007, John McQuaid at Huff and Puff Post ask Why Aren't Conservatives Funny?" Of course, my take is that they are, liberals just don't get the joke.

Now I'm wondering what happened to the funny liberals? Did they forget how to tell a joke? Rosie O'Donnell only rants and raves. The only laughs she gets are the sad chuckles along with the shaking heads. Ellen DeGeneres has taken the talk show route also. She still manages to get a laugh or two I imagine (I've never watched her show). But I wonder how many are like the lame "we elected Gore in 2000" joke she made at the Oscars. How sad. Get over it. You lost. Cheaters win. :-)

Al Franken wasn't funny enough or interesting enough to keep Air America above water. Now he's become a humorless, narcissistic candidate for Senate. He still looks kinda funny, though.

A few days ago, I blogged about Don Imus' insult of the Rutgers' women's basketball team. He claims is was just a bad joke. In fact, the joke was so bad that liberals are trying to disown Imus.

It's hard for liberals, nay near impossible, for liberals to face up to their own foibles and hypocrisies. I wonder if any will speak out against the hypocrisy of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two of the worst race baiters in America who made racist accusations and assumptions concerning the proven innocent Duke lacrosse players, attacking Imus.

I disagree with the "ton of bricks" coming down on Imus. The few times I've listened to his show, I found him boring. But, he does some good. And, I don't think he truly meant any harm by his comments. Like many other liberals, he just ain't funny.

Imus apologized. That's not enough?
That's enough for me, it appears some want to see him disemboweled in Times Square.

But, he's still not funny.
I never got into the Imus show. Because I didn't find it particuarly funny, and I didn't find it particularly interesting. Same reason I don't listen to Howard Stern and most of the other 'shock jocks' who make their bread acting like jackasses on a day to day basis.

Then again, I can't figure out, why I like the 'conservative' humor present in the "Blue Collar Comedy" troupe. I can't figure out, then, why I like the more liberal comedy in the "Chappelle Show" troupe.

I know there is a difference between the styles, I just can't figure out what it is. Maybe it is in the format (radio vs actual Comdey Hour style).

As far as funny 'liberals' are concerned: you can look up Chris Rock, Dennis Leary, John Stewart and George Carlin. Thing is, they aren't really 'liberals,' they are iconoclastic comedians, usually of a libertarian bent, and they make fun of whoever is in need of making fun of, regardless of affiliation.

Thing is, I go back and look at 'conservative' comedians like Richard Jeni and Dennis Miller, and they aren't 'conservatives' either, they too are (or in Jeni's case, were) iconoclastic comedians, with a libertarian bent, making fun of who is in need of making fun of, again, regardless of affiliation.

Back to Imus, though: F Imus. I will never cry when I see 'part of the problem' fall, even if other parts of the problem don't fall at the same time. Their time will come.

Back east this week, I heard the argument that 'they can call us [white people] whatever they want.' Prompting me to ask "who, the integrated Rutgers' women's basketball team?"

The stunned answer - "no, like, rappers and stuff [call us - da po' buckra - names]."

To which I respond: But Imus wasn't talking about rappers - he was talking about the integrated Rutgers' women's basketball team, who just happened to be playing for a national championship against the University of Tennessee's integrated women's basketball team.

Which, to me, is the crux of the matter. Imus went after a group of presumably upstanding, integrated and classy young female athletes, who had no history of getting involved, as a group, with racial politics nationwide, and who now have had their stunning accomplishment - playing in the NCAA women's national championship - taken away from them because one jackass felt like dragging them into the national racial 'joke' that presumed 'comedians' and 'pundits' are playing on one another for ratings and money.

And nothing, at all, happened becasue Revs. Jackson and Sharpton were there, those two showed up because that's where the cameras were.

I agree with all your points, even the comedians you (and I like). I've listened to Imus 2-3 times on the MSNBC simulcast. I found him boring and he muttered a lot.

When I heard Imus' comments, I didn't look at them in the racial context but as you said, they "had their stunning accomplishment - playing in the NCAA women's national championship - taken away from them..." These girls are among the best of the best.

If the Rutgers women's basketball program is similar to Tennessee's, they are also excellent students. They are the people we need more of, not made the brunt of a bad joke, at best.

But, hey, the self-serving MSM needs to hold Sharpton and Jackson, both reverends and public leaders, to the same standard that they hold an over the hill talk radio host.
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