Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Katrina, Death and Racism

Michelle Malkin posted some interesting numbers concerning those who died as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Of the 562 victims identified at St. Gabriel Morgue, 267 are African-American and 230 Caucasian. Given that New Orleans consists of about two thirds African-American, it appears that Caucasians died in numbers greater than their proportion of the population, not African-Americans. From Newsmax:
preliminary figures compiled by the morgue in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, which is the primary facility handling the bodies of Katrina deceased, show that a majority of the dead in New Orleans and surrounding parishes were actually not black.

Once again the race card has been played when it shouldn't have been. And the civil rights opportunists activists wonder why so many Americans are now turning deaf ears to their pleas.

It was just last week that African-American Katrina victims were complaining to Congress about how the "red necks" treated them.

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