Thursday, December 08, 2005


Katrina Victim Testimony

From Reuters titled "Hurricane victims tell US Congress of racial slurs"
Leah Hodges, a community activist, recalled trying to help a group of stranded senior citizens. The military took them to an evacuation point on a highway where they spent the night, awakening to a "bunch of hard red necks scowling and growling at us in military uniforms ... pointing guns at us and treating us worse than prisoners of war," she said.

Emphasis added.
Is it only me or does the use of the term "red neck" seem racist in this context? Sounds like a racial slur. If not why wasn't this comment more widely reported? I searched Yahoo, Google, MSN, CNN, FoxNews last night for 2-3 hours and couldn't find this comment in any article. I had seen it via a link at the Drudgereport and when I tried to find it again using the above search engines, I couldn't. Appears the MSM are covering up for Ms. Hodges.

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