Sunday, April 28, 2013


Rapist Sled Dog Spotted in Connecticut.

The University of Connecticut decided to update the image of its logo, a Husky Sled dog. Geno Auriemma, coach of the legendary UConn women's basketball team likes the logo:
[It] “is looking right through you and saying, ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.”
Little did he realize those eyes are the eyes of a rapist dog.
In an open letter to UC President Susan Herbst, self-described feminist student Carolyn Luby wrote that the redesigned team logo will intimidate women and empower rape culture.

In response, Luby wrote, “What terrifies me about the admiration of such traits is that I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot ‘mess with them.’ And I know I am not alone.”

There were two sexual assaults at UConn involving athletes in the past year, Luby claimed.

The logo and the teams it represents are menacing to women, she wrote.

“The face of real life UConn athletics is certainly capable of frightening college women,” wrote Luby.
While Luby received much mockery, the Feminist Wire leaped to her defense for her "courageous Op-Ed..." Better they would offer to fund her psychiatric treatment. I must interject, if you want to speak of courageous women, speak of Eskimo women and other women of the North, like Sarah Palin, who interact with Huskies on a regular basis, daily in some cases.

I hesitate to mock Luby too much. I believe the girl is truly disturbed. Such mental disturbances emerge in many ways. People of all walks of life display delusional ideation in many ways. Religious fundamentalists find hidden meanings in recorded music played backwards, Proctor & Gamble logos and what have you. Lefties believe that printer's registration mark looks like a gun sight and encourages people to go out and shoot others. Teachers seem to be increasingly able to find things, including pizza, that look like deadly guns.

Unfortunately, we learn to ignore or or gloss over the craziness. Sometimes, like The Feminist Wire, we support it because the craziness supports something we believe in. But, I'd like to see craziness acknowledged as craziness, no matter the socio-political bent, and get these delusional whackos some help, at least the address of the nearest mental health center.

BTW - To see threatening, staring eyes is often a feature of paranoid delusions.

Looks like someone is removing that image (link is broken). Any other sources for it?
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