Friday, October 12, 2012


Booring Biden

Watching a little of the vice-presidential debate, I saw that Joe Biden delivered as promised - wacky, screwball behavior which completely overshadowed any substance he may have delivered. He reminded me of my ex-wife in the courtroom during our custody battles. Bear in mind that my ex scored "outside normal limits" on every psychological test given us during the custody evaluation. If you know a qualified individual, discuss what score of 71 on the L scale of the MMPI means.

I remember her sitting at her table in the courtroom by her attorney while I was testifying. She made the exaggerated hand gestures, inappropriate smiling and laughing and other ill advised mannerisms. She seemed to have no idea how crazy she appeared. I didn't complain, not even to my own attorney, because I knew she was hanging herself. As the trivial saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words." We went to court several times. I won every time.

Biden brought back such strong memories that I wondered what his psychological status was. Don't think that a psychologically disturbed person can't get elected and rise to a high position. My ex-wife seeks social recognition like a man lost in the desert seeks water. There is a highly regarded woman's club locally, their annual charity ball is the premier local social event to attend and is by invitation only. My ex is the only person to be the president of this club twice.

Biden's smile has bothered me for a long time. I can't trust someone who smiles like that. As WLW talk show host, Tracy Jones, said four years ago after that vice-presidential debate, Joe Biden in the debate last night as looking like "someone lying to his wife."

I wold love to see the prep notes Biden used for the debate. They probably go something like this:

Smile maniacally.

Display shit eating grin.

Laugh inappropriately.


Gesture with arms and fists.


Here's a list from a commenter at The Belmont Club blog of what Jolly Joe laughed at:
” A dead US ambassador”

“Lying to the American people about a video”

“Failure to secure our embassies”

“lying about it”

“The US Constitution”

“American values of freedom of speech.”

“American tradition of freedom of religion”

“A failing education system”

“The employment rate”

“The so-called Recovery Summer of 2010, 2011, 2012″

“An economy that mildly recovered in 2009, and has been going down ever since [show GDP Chart]

” “More Americans out of work since the 1980s [show employment participation rate]”

“More people on food stamps, gutting of welfare, free phones.”

“Higher healthcare costs.”

“Last four years have been tough on hard working Americans”

“We do not think any of that is funny…”
Last presidential election, someone made a crude depiction of Obama as The Joker, a la Heath Ledger. This election cycle, Biden's taken on The Joker role.

I must admit, Biden over does it.

In the post at the Belmont Club, they show a tweet by Markos Moulitsas ‏of Daily Kos. Funny seeing manly-men conservatives whining that Biden is being too rough and aggressive.

Which just goes to show, again, little lefties understand about manly-man. From “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide” Rules of Being a Gentleman: Always Be Polite: Even if someone is in your face, don’t stoop to their level. Being polite and courteous shows that your a better man. Don’t shout: Shouting, or talking over others, raises the stress level and implies you don’t hav eht intellect to garner attention. Don’t Laugh at others: If someone spills a drink or trips, help them. don’t chuckle unless they do.

Of course, Kos, etc can barely admit they are male, let alone be gentlemen.

Have a good day.

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