Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The Big Guy Playing College Football

My son, Alex, began his college football career at Georgetown College a couple of weeks ago. So far, he's enjoying success. Last week he made the trip with the varsity to scrimmage Hanover College, one of 4 or so freshmen to do so.

Here's a couple of pictures another player's parents were kind enough to take and send to me. He's number 72 in the huddle waiting for the next play to be called.

Here he's at the center/right of the photo blocking number 99.

Georgetown has an excellent football program and is ranked in the NAIA top 10 preseason. I'm proud of my son for his hard work in football and academics that brought him this far. He's enabled himself to attend an excellent school with the aid of significant academic and athletic scholarships. And, I'm thankful to Georgetown College's coaches, staff and administration for giving him this opportunity.

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