Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Some Teachers Want to Teach Your Children Oral Sex and Masturbation

Perverts in the Classroom

Although they fail at teaching our children the three R's, some teachers believe:
“Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,” Diane Schneider told the audience at a panel on combating homophobia and transphobia. Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more “inclusive” sex education in US schools, with curricula based on liberal hetero and homosexual expression. She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.

Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” Schneider proclaimed, “and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda.” “Gender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,” she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”
Emphasis added.

Excuse me. Is there something wrong with being heterosexual and conforming to your gender role? Is there any amount of bullshit that some people don't think they can push on to the rest of us? How come those preaching "tolerance" are so intolerant? Are you going to stand up and say "Enough!" to these fascist pigs when your time comes? I hope so.

Hat tip to Darren

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