Sunday, June 12, 2011


Garofalo: It's Not Weiner's Fault

Listen to the idiots in the audience applaud her.

Word has it that Weiner is starting a Democratic Perverts Congressional Caucus. (No need for Republicans Perverts Congressional Caucus - it's always their fault.)

Uh huh. Poor little Weiner takes pictures of his nether regions, then texts and tweets them to women everywhere. Poor little Anthony. It's not his fault.

Garafalo's only appeal is that she says stupid, liberal stuff like this. Did you get a chance to watch her on "Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior?" Truly bad show. CBS already put it out of its misery with a cancellation.

More on Garofalo's comments here. Garofalo said "everyone lies about sex." I know I do. I say it was good when it wasn't.

I've been away too long. Good grab. I never watch this show, but because of your diligence I now have proof of my GOOD taste. :)
LOL. Nice to hear from you. I never watch it either. My time's worth more than that.
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