Saturday, June 11, 2011


According to Chris Matthews It's the Rural, Backwards People That Don't Like Weiner's "Kind of Stuff"

Espousing another one of his mindless insights, regarding Weinergate, Matthews says,
you throw on top of that immoral behavior, indiscrete behavior, embarrassing behavior, gross behavior like this, and you still have him in your midst.
Matthews follows that up with
the people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally – you can say backward if you want – but they don’t like this kind of stuff at all. They’re not part of that 56 percent in Brooklyn and Queens who say, “okay, we can live with this guy.
Yeah, only the backward, rural, conservative Christians disapprove of Anthony Weiner's sending X-rated pictures, etc.

If that's true, this country's in a sad state. More likely, Chris Matthews is a sad, closed minded, bigoted liberal hack.

Not that it is difficult to do, but I can disprove Matthew's thesis in two words:

David Vitter.
True. Lots of people forgive wanderers because the wanderer is their wanderer. I'd have to put Vitter's actions as worse than Weiner's.

As for Matthews, he's just sad. He struggles mightily to maintain a liberal perspective, but just can't control his biased urges.
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