Friday, April 22, 2011


What Cousin Pat Wants to Pretend Doesn't Exist

I wonder if Cousin Pat, who is always eager to incriminate Christians and whites, would ever post this video of a white girl getting the shit beat out of her by two black girls at a McDonald's in Baltimore. Or, is reality just too much to face?

UPDATE: More here Apparently the victim is a transvestite.
It appears that the victim used the women’s restroom, and these two teenagers decided to appoint themselves the Anti-Drag-Queen Vigilante Committee of Rosedale, Maryland. The horrible sadism of this crime — the perpetrators returning to beat the defenseless victim over and over again – is shocking to watch. Indeed, it “says quite a bit about where we are as a culture,”...


Can you imagine the political uproar if the attackers had been right-wing Tea Party types? Perhaps we can ask Paul Krugman to favor us with another one of his “climate of hate” sermons.
I'm sure Krugman, Cousin Pat or some other liberal bloggers are busy looking for video and incidents to show Tea Partiers, Southern Whites, Trig Palin, or whom ever are worse. Reality has never been their strong suit.

What if they had been Tea Partiers? What if they had been Muslims? Tu quoque works many ways.

This behavior is obscene and cannot be tolerated, no matter what demographic is at fault. I have never wavered from that position. Perpetrators of such crimes should be prosecuted to the full extent the law allows. Justice is the only remedy for such behavior, but it is an expensive and time consuming process.

Because I rarely hear a peep about the black-on-black violence that plagues our cities, the hispanic-on-hispanic violence that tears up our borders, or the white-on-white violence that burns through the "Meth Mountains" of Appalachia.

There are thousands of such crimes that take place in at-risk communities around the country that never, ever get talked about. Thus is the state of our culture, and it has been this way for a long, long time.

Though I find it interesting that the "what if the Tea Party did this?" mantra is repeated as the point, here. Watch any episode of COPS, and you'll see people of all political and demographic stripes doing this to each other every day all over the country.

No demographic or religious group owns violence. Hell, who is to say these girls don't sing in the choir at their church? But far too often in our discourse, this fact is literally whitewashed, and similar deplorable historic and current behaviors of American Christians and whites are overlooked.
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