Saturday, April 16, 2011


Dick Cavett on Offending

Brief dialogue:
Network executive: We’re afraid some viewers might be offended.

DC: So?


I’ve never quite understood why this word — “offended” — is so horrifying. What doesn’t offend somebody? And who wants to see, read or write anything that is simon-pure in its inability to offend those dreaded “someones”?

“What could be more offensive than an offense-free show?” I sincerely inquired of the network suit.
Quite a bit of what I write, and some of what I say, is intended to offend. Some people need to be offended. They need that in-your-face offensiveness that at least wakes them up to some highly undesirable aspect of themselves.

If I offend you and don't apologize, take it personally. It was meant that way. If I apologize or give a goodhearted laugh, it was a mistake or a joke. Let us offend.

Hat tip to Instapundit

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