Sunday, April 17, 2011


Alabama Moving in Right Direction

Alabama is considering a law that would "require divorced parents to share equal custody unless one is declared unfit. Supporters say the bill will inject fairness into custody battles that usually favors mothers, and allows both parents to raise their children."

As you might expect, a reactionary female Democrat opposes the bill.
"This is a bad bill," Democratic Sen. Vivian Davis Figures told the newspaper. "We cannot have a one size fits all (approach) where children are concerned. You just can't."
Figures says you can't have a one size fits all. What do they have now? One size fits all that favors women and ignores kids and fathers. Figures probably doesn't like the mothers not getting as much child support under equal parenting. It's been a racket for several decades now for women to divorce and live off child support.

I know quite a few kids in equal custody situations. They do as well or better than kids of divorced parents that don't share. Hopefully, enough Democrats in Alabama will place equality under the law and the welfare of children above the feminist desire to have everything their way or the highway.

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