Sunday, March 13, 2011


Will This Make Anyone Re-Think Their Position on Abortion?

Social Life Begins in the Womb. A study was done of twins still in the womb.
When reaching toward the co-twin—especially around the eyes and mouth—their motion was relatively slow and delicate. When the fetuses touched themselves, on the other hand, they were less cautious (although they approached their own eyes and mouth more gingerly than other parts of their body). They were roughest toward the uterine wall, kicking and shoving it with force. “In some very primitive form,” Castiello says, “it appears that the fetus by the second trimester already has a sense of ‘self’ that is different from ‘other.’ ”

That is interesting. And, it might change some minds. I used to be pro-abortion and even volunteered at Planned Parenthood for a while. That experience changed me quite a bit. I came to abhor the idea of abortion. But it also increased my feeling of disgust for the sorts of "rescuers" I encountered who showed no love or compassion toward the women whose babies they claimed to be protecting.
In cases where there is a genuine threat to the life and health (permanent disability, injury, etc) of the mother, I believe abortion is acceptable. Using it as a form of convenient birth control, not.
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