Sunday, March 13, 2011


What Do Unions in Wisconsin Fear Most? Their Members.

From Da Techguy
Walker was accused over and over of trying to bust the union but was willing to compromise on collective bargaining but that’s not what the unions fear. What the unions fear the most are their members.

Why do you think they were so insistent on card check? Why do you think they were so interested in eliminating the secret ballot? It is all about the ability to intimidate. If union membership actually provided enough of a benefit to the majority of their members they would not worry about the state forcing dues collection. People would be anxious to join and willing to pay. The truth is for many union membership has become all about supporting the leadership that supports the democrats and gains the majority of the benefits therein.
Remember all those signs about freedom the protesters carried? As anyone watching with an objective eye knows, the unions (and Democrats) idea of freedom consists of forcing you to join and forcing you to pay dues and forcing the government to automatically deduct the dues from your paycheck and forcing the taxpayers to pay for all this.

Remember the signs about democracy? The unions (and Democrats) idea of democracy is preventing duly elected officials from passing laws, budgets and performing other activities of government they were elected to do.

Remember at election time that the unions and Democrats don't care about the working taxpayer whose supposed to support all this. Stop paying for their extravagance with your tax dollars.

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