Monday, March 28, 2011


I'll MIss Him

Saturday we drove to Georgetown College to attend a banquet for incoming freshmen who will be receiving academic scholarships. My son will be receiving academic and football scholarships to Georgetown.

We all had a wonderful time and I beamed with pride in my son the entire time. I'm overjoyed that he's reaping the rewards for the hard work he's put in plus receiving recognition.

Little did I think Saturday about his leaving. But, my daughter did. She and her brother have always been close. He's quite protective of her. Despite their teasing and occasional bickering of each other, they seem to have a strong mutual admiration society going.

My daughter posted the picture below, I took for her with her iPhone, on Facebook.

Her short comment brought a tear to my eye. It's hard watching you brothers and sons (and eventually daughter for me) grow up and leave home. We'll all miss him, but we'll rejoice in his success and cheer his accomplishments. And, we'll love him as much as ever.

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