Saturday, March 05, 2011


Are Women Better Than Men - Dan Abrams Thinks So

Following a lead in a comment by ZorroPrimo at DrHelen regarding a book by Dan Abrams, Man Down: Irrefutable Proof that Women are Better Than Men, I found absurd assertions as his irrefutable proof.

In the sample chapter, Abrams says women are better than men because women get struck by lightning less, supposedly win more at gambling and men feel worse after break ups. Sounds to me like Abrams decided to join the money train of male bashing books while the getting is good.

Naturally, men get struck by lightning more because they're outside more and take more risks. The gambling study was done in Britain. The results won't carry over to women everywhere, maybe no where else. Also, only about 5% of the gamblers studied were women. This would indicate that women are smarter about gambling. They don't do it. As far as being smart gamblers, it's quite likely that gambling women are much less representative of women in general than male gamblers are of men since so few women gamble.

Is it better to be less bothered by relationship break ups? Obviously, one doesn't want to be too upset, but to be too little upset is a sign of sociopathy. Is sociopathy better?

One thing's for sure. the inferior Dan Abrams going to make a lot of money selling a male bashing piece of trash to men-hating women and prolong our societies hostility to men. Or, given the quality of his "proof," maybe he's written a sly piece of humor.

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