Saturday, February 19, 2011


What's Wrong With American Women

TMink, commenting at DrHelen, left a link "critical" of the modern American Woman. Although slightly dated (written 9 years ago), the article quite accurately captures what it's like to date an American woman.

My favorite lines:
It was less like a romantic encounter than an extremely tough job interview. By the time the cheque arrived I was surprised they hadn't asked for a urine sample.


When American women complain that there's a shortage of eligible men--and Leah McLaren is no exception--what they mean is there's a shortage of tall, unattached, rich men who still have their own hair.


No man is held to possess any intrinsic value--we're all just the sum of our assets.


Perhaps the biggest difference between English and North American women is that English women just seem to laugh a lot more. Wherever I look in London, I see women throwing their heads back and roaring with laughter; it's like some wonderful, Hogarthian pageant. In New York, by contrast, the women always looked anxious and uptight, their spirits as undernourished as their bodies.
Reminds me of why a Canadian group performed this song.

I believe the women described in the article to be a minority, although not a small minority. I'm sure in New York, where the author experienced American women, the women he describes are more common. In the heartland you'll find more normality.

What's interesting is, at TMink points out, the hesitance to criticize women at all in America. In writing this post, I wonder, with some fear, if I'll be labeled some sort of "pig" by simply posting this and linking to the article. Not that it matters much. I've pretty much sworn off women anyway. It's a shame that our society has come to the point where books, articles, and TV shows routinely shame and criticize men but doing the same to women is taboo.

I like the part about the uptight New York women. When image is important it's hard to have fun. If you laugh too loud someone might see spinach stuck in your teeth.

Off topic but I wonder what you think about the high school wrestler who defaulted on a match rather than wrestle a girl.

Sorry for the weird link. I am clueless with html. Here is another try:

Rather than face girl, wrestler defaults
Marbel - I don't blame him. I'd be tempted to not wrestle on general principle. It's a shame he didn't get a shot at the championship. I certainly wouldn't be comfortable wrestling a girl with the close contact wrestling requires.

I heard about this on the radio. Some states have girls wrestling. I wonder how in many sports boys and girls compete directly against each other. I can't think of any in Kentucky, Tennessee or Ohio except some girls playing football. The three states where I've lived.

Twin girls shared placekicking chores on my son's hs football team for a couple of years. I know of a (big) girl that played offensive line for a high school in Ohio. In football, after you've put on all the equipment, it's hard to tell what gender you are.

When my son was younger 2 or 3 girls played and weren't bad. But, once they hit 7th or 8th grade and the boys really start growing, playing would be suicidal for 99.9% of girls. There's not a single girl in my son's high school who could play with out great risk of serious injury.

Wrestling is extremely popular in Iowa. It seems they could start a girls league.
Thanks for responding. With your athlete children, I figured you'd have something to say.

I feel bad for the kid, getting flack for his decision.
Me, too. I admire him for holding true to his values.
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