Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Ruination of Western Women

Searching the web for something totally different, I came across this little tidbit on gender bias in computer software.
Providing equitable learning experiences for girls and boys is an important educational goal. Studies indicate that a gender gap exists in terms of computer use, competency, and attitudes toward computers (Kirkpatrick & Cuban, 1998; Reinen & Plomp, 1997; Wilson, 1999). For educators, this is a matter of acute concern. Computers competency is a necessary tool in any profession in today's environment. Providing computer based educational experiences that both girls and boys can relate to is vital to address the issue of gender equity (Knupfer, Rust, & Mahoney, 1997; Turkle & Papert, 1990).


Building upon the existing research on gender bias, this article begins with the various characteristics in software programs that alienate and marginalize girls' experiences in software programs. Reviews of the current methods of evaluating children's software either capture specific details (type of program or platform) or generic evaluation (ease of use, educational value, or kid appeal) (see Buckleitner, 1999, for a detailed review). This article provides a checklist aimed at a systematic method of evaluating children's software for gender bias. The checklist is pretested among a sample of teachers and provides indications of its utility. The article concludes with the discussion of what needs to be done next to expand on this research.
The article leaves no doubt the sole purpose is to fight against gender bias against girls in computer software. Once again, in an area where boys are out performing girls, the need is seen to "remedy" this situation.

Naturally , this means making all sorts of changes to accommodate the girls. And, naturally, helping boys to perform even better or to advance in areas that girls may out perform girls it completely ignored.

I've never seen a program of any sort aimed at helping boys catch up with girls. Rarely have I seen a program that fights against gender bias against males. Very rarely.

But, we pamper and pander to the "needs" of females on a wholesale basis. The overall affect of this is a huge number of women who expect the world to bend and break to suit them and their desires. They learn they can't compete with men on a level playing field. While men learn to overcome obstacles and tough out situations that the poor little girls aren't capable of tolerating. Plus, our society as a whole retards achievement and success because of fretting about gender bias and such. No wonder so many other countries out perform us educationally.

Yes, the attitude of the helpers hurts more than helps. They're leading us down the path to failure.

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