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Ed Schultz Tells Lie and Then Comes Out Against Free Speech

At about the 2:25 point in the video below, you will hear Ed Schultz claim "There is now a direct link between what a talk show host says and the action of someone who obviously listened to him." Schultz makes this claim in regards to a threatening fax received by California State Sen. Leland Yee.

Schultz claims the sender is a fan and follower of Rush Limbaugh and that Limbaugh needs to shut up and/or be censored. The only problem is, at this time, no one knows who the sender actually is. Is it a Limbaugh fan? Or, is it an Ed Schultz flunkie creating a fuss for Ed "Fatter than Rush" Schultz to rant about? No one knows, or is saying.

Schultz then goes on to attack freedom of speech, which seems to be the latest target of lefties since they can't win the debate because of impotent, failed ideas.

Watch these guys. They want power to control everything from who can buy a squirt gun to forcing you into their health plan.

Remember, Ed Schultz shared the Air America spotlight with Randi Rhode who promoted shooting Bush on her radio show. Now, he's all upset that Limbaugh mocks the Chinese president.

Oh, Schultz. And Olbermann. And Air America.

All trying to fit the left-wing square inside the right-wing circle. What I mean by that is - they are trying to attract some left-wing viewer/listenership in the same ways the right-wing attracts theirs. They are always shocked with this doesn't work. It is as if they don't realize they're working with a completely different demographic, as far as viewer/listenership is concerned.

Hell, they don't even understand why folks like Limbaugh and Hannity appeal to their audience, even as they imitate their methods (or, at least, what they think those methods are).
Hell, they don't even understand why folks like Limbaugh and Hannity appeal to their audience,...

I'm not sure about the appeal myself. I get bored out of my gourd in about 5-10 minutes. I find Limbaugh especially boring. Actually, I've never listened to Limbaugh for more than ten minutes and the total time I've listened to him in the past 10-12 years might addu up to 1 or 2 hours.

As with Palin, I think it's funny that the left gets so upset about him so easily. Sometimes I will listen to Hannity on the radio on the way home for no more than a half hour usually. But, he's predictable and repitious. Sometimes he has a good interview.

I don't know why I bothered with Schultz except that I caught this bit while flipping through the channels. He's as much of a bombastic, irritating blowhard as anyone on the air.

I actually listened to him a fair amount when he was on Air America. He seemed more level headed on the radio. Maybe he's trying to make up for Olberman's absence. But, I take all threats to free speech seriously. Note my can't fix stupid post criticizing a Republican.
You listened to Air America? How? Is where you live really that close to Canada, or wherever they broadcast from? :)

It never was broadcast anywhere I could listen.

Anyway, what the Schultzes, Olbermanns and Air Americas are trying to do is cash in on "Limbaugh Hate" - the idea that a lot of so-called-liberals will tune in to hear or watch someone bash Limbaugh/Beck/Palin, etc, and that advertisers will pay to have access to that market.

From the vast majority of the content I hear about, I guess they're using this as a focus group.

The problem is that such a focus group A) likely don't watch much television or listen to much radio, B) won't patronize the likely advertisers even if they do tune in and C) aren't actually a large enough part of the population as a whole to create a viable market.
Air American was on in Cincinnati up until the bottom fell out. I heard a lot more Bush bashing than Limnbaugh/Hannity hating although there was some of that.

C above is probably the largest part of the failure. Currently I think about 20% of Americans identify themselves as liberal. Out of that group, how many want to listen to some sort of bashing all day? In Cincinnati, Air America's ratings were terrible.

It's interesting how liberals talk shows roll out Sharpton to bolster their point of view. I've heard Hannity interview Sharpton a couple of times just to bash Sharpton in person. Either way, Charlatan Sharpton gets face time.
Al Sharpton stating that Rush abuses free speech is a precious statement. Big Al has an intimate knowledge of how free speech is abused, having abused it himself. Big Al slandered an innocent person in the Tawana Bradley affair, and lost a libel suit filed by the person whom Mr. Sharpton had slandered.
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