Thursday, February 03, 2011


The Big Guy Gets a Scholarship to Play College Football

My youngest son signed a letter of intent to play college football at Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY. The rest of us couldn't be more tickled. Below he has his arm around little sister and the letter of intent is his other hand.

He plans to major in kinesiology. Georgetown offers an excellent program in kinesiolgy which includes opportunities to work with the Cincinnati Bengals NFL football team which has their pre-season training camps at Georgetown College.

Apparently, my son wasn't quite tall enough to get an offer from a NCAA Division I school. (He's only 6' 3.5" and 285 lbs. The big schools seem to want everyone to be 6' 5" or better.) But, he did get some looks from them. I suspect if I had held him back a year in school like too many parents do for strictly for sports reasons, he would have gotten offers. He's still 17 years old and will probably grown some more.

The irony is that his scholarship to Georgetown College is worth more in cash dollars than what any public university in the Commonwealth of Kentucky could offer because of the tuition costs difference. If you measured worth to a football team in dollars, he's worth more than all those D-I guys going to Kentucky state universities.

His grades, 3.5 GPA, and a fairly good 26 on the ACT helped him. BTW - don't kid yourself about the big football schools. When it comes to grades, all they care about is if the kid meets the minimum requirements. After that, grades mean nothing.

Georgetown has some recent NAIA national championships under its belt and 5 All-Americans from this past season. My son and I are extremely excited he has the chance to play there. He plans on being an All-American himself.

Congratulations, Big Guy.

Congratulations to both of you!
Thanks. He worked hard and earned his reward.
Indeed, Congratulations!
Thanks, Pat.

He's worked hard in the classroom and outside the classroom. He's a great kid. I couldn't be more proud.
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