Monday, January 10, 2011


Loughner Is CRAZY; Lefities are LIARS

I love the first guy interviewed in this video. Sounds intelligent, is well spoken and has bright fuchsia hair.

We have yet to find any evidence that Loughner ever saw or new of the existence of the horrid Palin map that used sight marks, like the sights you'd find in a WW II bomber, to indicate the states in which she was focusing on helping Republicans win seats. But, the shameless and idiotic left wingers continue efforts to assign blame for this tragedy on any and every conservative they can while living in total denial about any violent rhetoric or actions they've committed. Hypocrites and liars of the highest order.

One thing that all the people calling for moderation of speech so as not to incite crazy people clearly demonstrate is their profound lack of understanding of what craziness is. Having worked in a mental health center for 5 years where some of patients were paranoid schizophrenics and paranoid personalities, of which at least one had committed murder (his mother), I can tell you it doesn't take any rhetoric for these people to get incited.

Where do they get the idea others can read their minds? That multitudes of other people are watching them? That the government is tracking them where ever they go? And the endless stream of other delusional thoughts? Political rhetoric has nothing to do with it. Crazy people are CRAZY!

To promote the idea that we can stop crazy people from doing crazy things by watching our language in political debate is crazy in itself. And stupid.

But rest assured, if you die at the hands of a lunatic, Democrats will use your death to further their political agenda.


No violent rhetoric in this Democratic campaign, just shooting of a gun. No violence in implying shooting his opponent, is there?

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