Sunday, November 21, 2010


Why It's Not Safe to Fly (or We Are So Screwed)

Somehow the federal government thinks this idiocy is protecting the public. Beam my ups, Scottie, ....

Ah, security theatre.

Don't be fooled, all this sturm und drang is to remove accountability and bad publicity from private airlines and airports at the expense of the taxpayer.

Think about it if airlines were accountable for security - tickets would be more expensive, security would have to focus on effectiveness AND customer service, and if anything happened, someone's stock plummets on the expectation of the lawsuits.

Instead, the "big government nanny state" handles all that for us and gets to be the boogeyman. But I reckon the airlines don't want it any other way.
Plus, some people just love exercising power over others. Not the front line TSA workers necessarily, although I'm sure some do, but the head of the TSA and such.
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