Friday, November 12, 2010


Is Homosexuality a Born-In Trait?

Quote from a thread at Ann Althouse:
Apparently, some people believe that being gay is an in-born trait, not susceptible of being changed by any force known to man, but being masculine is purely a matter of nurture and socialization.
This post is not about homosexuality at all. I just used the headline to try and attract attention. This post is about the war against masculinity.

While the truth of the comment above is obvious, I've never seen it put quite so concisely. For those who want to pretend the war against masculinity doesn't exist, I point you to the American Psychological Association. It would be too easy to point you to a feminist website. The APA is an easy enough target as it is.

Three divisions of the APA claim to address the topic of "Men and masculinity," The Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI), the Society of Counseling Psychology, and the mysteriously named Division 51.

The SPSSI seems more interested in global warming than men.
The SPSSI Policy Committee is also currently working with researchers to create official position statements in the areas of global climate change, same-sex marriage, and the psychological effects of unemployment.
Global warming? These aren't physical scientist, more pseudo-scientists as they deal little in hard facts. Why do psychologists need to take a position on global warming as psychologists? Just to soothe their massive egos?

The Society of Counseling wants to...
expand understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual populations among counseling and psychological professionals, students, and all those they impact in their roles as scientists, clinicians, teachers, consultants, and authors.
No obvious mention about heterosexual males. Maybe they need to expand their own awareness about this group.

The mysterious Division 51 openly addresses masculinity issues. Their mission statement:
  • Promotes the critical study of how gender shapes and constricts men’s lives.

  • Committed to an enhancement of men’s capacity to experience their full human potential.

  • Endeavors to erode constraining definitions of masculinity which historically have inhibited men’s development, their capacity to form meaningful relationships, and have contributed to the oppression of other people.

  • Acknowledges its historical debt to feminist-inspired scholarship on gender, and commits itself to the support of groups such as women, gays, lesbians and people of color that have been uniquely oppressed by the gender/class/race system.

  • Contends vigorously that the empowerment of all persons beyond narrow and restrictive gender role definitions leads to the highest level of functioning in individual women and men, to the most healthy interactions between the genders, and to the richest relationships between them.
Gender constricts men's lives. Men apparently lack full capacity to fully experience human potential and need to be enhanced. Historically definitions of masculinity have kept men from being able to develop meaningful relationships and has contributed (bet the mean the root cause) to the oppression of other people. Feminist inspired scholarship leads the way in understanding masculinity. YES!! We must escape those "narrow and restrictive gender role definitions" and travel courageously towards healthy interactions and richest relationships (Read: all men subjugate yourselves to the ideals of the APA.)

Yep, being gay, lesbian, trans-sexual, what have you is fine, but being a man is definitely a problem. (I know a 6' 4" trans sexual lesbian. Perfectly normal.) But, don't worry psychology will save you and the world. But, the first step is realizing you and all those other men who have lived or are living are the problem.

I've noticed that when they start using the terms that a woman would say about men, it stops being about how men are, rather about how they think men should be...
Good point.

Was there another post on the front page that has since disappeared? One about dating?

I was hoping to make a comment on that one. Having seen the titles of the posts tracking back, I hope you didn't take it down because some folks were being haters.

On this particular topic: it depends on what type of masculinity one is discussing. Because let's face it - pop culture, pop psychology, publishing house bottom lines and beer advertising have done a number on what our society considers "masculine," and all of that nonsense is learned behavior.

Because I don't consider an unwashed, beer-burping, crude, lowest-common-denominator-celebrating, impatient, racist-joke-telling individual is in any way masculine just because he drives a jacked-up truck and knows how to fish.

I don't think you do, either.

But there are a lot of "men" out there who fall into that progress-resistant trap. I won't even begin to describe the disgust that is the "masculine" persona in most modern rap music.
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