Friday, October 15, 2010


Where's the Change the Democrats Promised?!?

Searching for some info on the web, I came across editorial from the Dayton Business Journal from 2004 when John Kerry was running for president. It gives an interesting perspective to the Democrats and Obama's position on taxes.
This issue also gets bogged down in rhetoric about the wealthy getting this, the middle class getting that, and almost deteriorates into a class warfare frenzy where the have-nots are thirsting for the haves to pay more taxes (picture an image of the unkempt masses ramming a log into the castle door trying to get at the Lord of the Manor).

Why do we need to raise taxes at all, on anyone? Taxes are an extra burden for all people, and exist only to pay for the necessities of government that help the people, not to fund a government that exists for its own sake.

With that mindset, tax cuts should be every politician's goal. The government should do what us common folk have to do when what's going out doesn't match what's coming in -- tighten our spending. We can't just go to our boss and say, "I got this new addition to the back of the house I'm looking at this year. You need to give me an extra big raise."

Another problem I have with Kerry's tax plan is that it is based on the premise that anyone earning $200,000 or more will have their taxes raised. While that plays well to those making less, that could backfire and cost more than it would gain.

There are many small businesses that are taxed as personal income of the owner, rather than under the corporate tax system. Those small businesses will be taxed more under the Kerry plan. And with the economy yet to fully rebound, we need to be helping businesses, especially small businesses that are the engine for job growth in our country.

Kerry also says multimillionaires can afford paying extra taxes. But there are lots of people who make more than $200,000 but are not millionaires. Small-business owners, for example, aren't jetting off to Paris for dinner and a play for the weekend. They often are struggling to get by as they continue to reinvest in their business; and any extra money they make goes toward hiring more people in order to grow the business.
Sounds eerily like the same debate being made today. Real unemployment is through the roof. Obama's inciting class warfare more and more. And, the left just doesn't get it. More realistically, the left doesn't care. They want the power and control and will do what ever they can get away with to get it.

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