Saturday, October 30, 2010


When Is a Democrat Not a Democrat?

When he's running for Congress. I received a flier in the mail from Surya Yalamanchili, who is running for Congress in my district. I have heard his "Vote for Chili" ads on the radio. The one thing I noted is that he makes no mention of party affiliation.

Even the fine print on the flier doesn't mention party. I assumed he wasn't Republican as he's running against Republican incumbent Jean Schmidt. Maybe he's an independent, I'll visit his website and find out.

On the sidebar, towards the bottom of the page there's a clue, "Cincinnati Enquirer comments on Democratic Candidates" it says. Hmmm, is Yalamanchili one of the Democratic candidates or is this a link to something critical of the Democratic candidates?

The only other clues I find at are in an email address on his volunteer page, "@ohiodems". The bumper stickers and yard signs carry no indication of party.

The text of the blurb at the link, which is within the domain, doesn't erase all doubt. The headlines mentions Democrats but the text doesn't clearly state if Yalamanchili is Dem or something else.

Next I find a Cincinnati Enquirer article with the headline, "Surya Yalamanchili (D)." Is that "D" for Democrat or Desperate? Finally, within that article, assuming the Enquirer is correct, I find the answer. "The East End Democrat...."

What's is mean when a Democratic candidate for Congress hides his party affiliation? Is it shame, embarrassment or knowing you must fool voters into thinking you're not what you are?

I think this is a test! Maybe you're being tested to see how blindly partisan one could be-- could you care only about party affiliation so badly that you would scour her website and make a post about this because that would be all that mattered to you. Congrats! You passed! No wonder we have such pathetic demz and repubz. Folks like you will refuse to vote for anyone from the 'other party'. Great job, dad!
Nice to hear from a lovable Democrat.

I want to know what team someone is on when I vote for them so I know when push meets shove which way they're probably going to vote.

Bozos like you really help the Democratic cause, I'm sure. Thanks for giving me another reason to vote against you.

BTW - I'm a registered Democrat at the moment.
Thanks, daddy! I did go to his site (not a she apparently) and he is probably a terrorist anyway. I just thought ure post was pathetic. Schmidt has to go, vote libertarian!

Oh and your closing is pathetic. I'm sure you're a registered lameocrat because you are one of the pathetic patsies who followed the nuts on the radio into voting in the 08 D primary for Hillary to confuse the hapless dems. You sure wer creative in thtrowing that out there, genius!!!
Wow. The hate just keeps coming. Ha ha! Love it. Democrats, the party of the (hateful) people.
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