Sunday, October 03, 2010


A Proud Day

My son's football team played on Thursday night this week (Won 56-8) which allowed him and some friends to go watch the football game in the neighboring county. They sat in the home team stands and happened to sit behind a guidance counselor for that high school. The next day she sent this email to my son's football coach.
Coach --------,

I had the pleasure of sitting in front of 4 of your football players at the XXXXX-xxxxxxx football game tonight. The players were some of the most mannerly polite young men that I have been around in a long time. I have been around high school students for 22 years, 19 years as a high school math teacher and currently, I'm one of the counselors at ------- County. I just wanted you to know how well these players represented your team and your school.

Good Luck to you and your team for the rest of the season.


xxxxx xxxxxxx

I had the players give me their numbers so I could watch for them when we play zzzzz County. The boys' numbers are:

My son's coach replied to the email identifying each boy to her and copied the parents also. My son is number 79, the big guy on the right side of the photo below. (Number 68 is in the back row, center. This being a picture of the seniors on the team, the other two boys are not in the picture.)

I give my son's coach a lot of credit, too. He strongly emphasizes good character and academics while consistently producing excellent teams. And, I think it's wonderful that the guidance counselor recognized and acknowledged 4 boys behaving as we always want them to.

Things like this make being a parent worth all the effort. But, most of all, I thank my son. He could be whatever kind of person he chooses, but he, and his friends, choose to follow the right path.

Love to read stories like this. Great work, Dad.
It must be nice to recieve empirical evidence of good parenting!
I'm not sure if it's good parenting or I'm just lucky. I'll take it either way.
Thank you, Captain.
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