Sunday, October 31, 2010


For Democrats No Lie Is Too Small

Reading comments on another blog the other day, it struck me how many liberal posters continually included small, but harmful, lies in their comments, such as calling a man's running shoe a "boot" in the incident in Lexington, KY. Now, here's Obama inserting another lie concerning the global fight against AIDS.
...we're funding global AIDS, and the other side is not.
Assuming the "other side" is Republicans, i.e. the enemy that needs to be punished, Obama's comment is a blatant lie.
The United States devotes enormous sums of money to fighting AIDS. In 2009 the United States was the largest donor in the world, accounting for more than half of disbursements by governments. And it's Bush's fault! Or, rather, credit.

As the AP reported at the end of Bush's time in office, Bush launched a $15 billion plan in 2003 to expand AIDS prevention, treatment and support programs in 15 hard-hit countries, 12 of them African, which account for more than half the world's estimated 33 million AIDS infections.

The AP report notes that the initiative tied in with a World Health Organization campaign to put 3 million people on AIDS drugs by 2005 -- a goal it says was reached in 2007. The AP added that Congress passed legislation in 2008 that more than tripled the budget to $48 billion over the next five years, with Republicans and Democrats alike hailing the program as a remarkable success.
Obama probably hopes he can keep slipping in these little lies and the masses will believe him without question. Inserting these little lies is a form of subliminal messaging. A person doesn't really question or pay attention to the little detail because it's not the central subject, yet this small lie creates a bias in one's mind that "the other side" is bad.

Pay close attention to what Democrats and liberals say. You'll find their comments riddled with little lies. Little lies because big ones are too easy to spot and the Democrats can't stand on the truth.

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President Bush was widely recognized for his participation in the fight against AIDS. To deny it is just plain stupid.
To deny it is just plain stupid.

Yup. Says something about our current administration, doesn't it?
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