Friday, September 24, 2010


Obama Fighting Poverty....... or not?

Apparently, Obama has ideas on how to fight global poverty. We should expect record rates in the growth of poverty across the world then. He's done enough by screwing up America. He should stop there.

When posting suppositions such as this, credibility is questionable without provision of FACTS to support one's view. Obama has already done more to ensure,and FOR the overall public welfare than any other president since Roosevelt's "New Deal Program" - which gave rise to such institutions as Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and other such NECESSARY public social programs. The main difference is Obama didn't wait for things to get to depression-levels to act. Obama is proactive and a "leader." Try thinking before espousing other people's rhetorical nonsense. No one with an independent mind and deeper intelligence could support a republican (or Tea Party) agenda which proposed maintenance of the "STATUS QUO" at the continued expense of the average ill-informed or mis-informed ignorant American family who thinks they are somehow more patriotic or "traditional" by supporting the rich white men in DC. The foundation of Liberty is built upon revolutions wrought from disparity, poverty, and subjugation of the poor by the rich. Liberty, therefore, requires "liberals." Unfair advantage and distribution of wealth must end and the unwitting supporters of the perpetuation of these conditions must wake up and realize just how duped they have been!
"Come back to the light side, you must." - Yoda

Lincoln, NE. Father-of-two.
the average ill-informed or mis-informed ignorant American family

DADvocate, wow, you've got John Kerry commenting here!
Marbel - LOL

supporting the rich white men in DC.

Like this list of the 10 wealthiest members of Congress in which 8 of 10 are Democrats.

incoln, NE. Father-of-two. - you make a fool of yourself spouting liberal drivel which is false and misleading.
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