Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Lions and Tigers and Bears

OK, just lions. A mountain lion to be exact. A mountain lion was spotted about 10 miles from my house.
At first I thought, "Wow, what a dog," but when I got a good look at it realized it was entirely too big for a dog," Quinn said.

When the animal turned to the side, Quinn was able to see the big cat's shape better and the long tail with a curl on the end.

"It had a body about as long as a pair of love seat cushions and it was thin. It may have gotten what it was hunting because I see there are buzzards circling in the area where it had been," Quinn said.

In her excitement, Quinn woke her husband and grabbed the binoculars.

"He has better eyesight than I do," Quinn said.

He confirmed what she thought she was looking at was indeed a mountain lion.

"He got a good look at it, and again through the binoculars. I forgot about the camera at first, but when I got the camera, it had moved to the shadows of the treeline so the camera couldn't pick it up," Quinn said.
Somebody call David Baron. (A great book, BTW.)

I'll be keeping my rifle a little more handy.

Brings to mind this song, one of my all time favorites. (I've got about 1,732 favorites.)

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